Boris Johnson lets a sliver of cold truth cut down his parade

Trying for once to stick to script, The Suspect ended up confessing the limits of Nato strategy to journalist Daria Kaleniuk

Russia-Ukraine crisis: live news

It had only been intended as a glorified photo opportunity. A chance for Boris Johnson to look statesmanlike back home as he went on a day trip to Poland and Estonia. A quick in-out tour of eastern Europe where he got to rub shoulders with two prime ministers on the frontline and the secretary general of Nato. Nothing too tricky, nothing too newsy. Nothing that couldn’t just as easily have been done in a two-minute phone call. Diplomacy 101. Just a bog-standard show of solidarity as Ukraine endured its sixth day of Russian invasion.

And that’s the way it had looked to be panning out. The Suspect had arrived in Warsaw in the morning for talks with Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, in which the two men had done little more than reiterate their support of Ukraine and their condemnation of Russia. And the same had gone for Johnson’s mini speech in which he basically reiterated the same points. After all, what more could usefully be said without a huge strategic rethink from Nato countries? Boris may like to think of himself as a disruptor who makes things up as he goes along, but this is one crisis he has played strictly by the book.

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