Wrocław, Polen
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If you have always wanted to try shooting with a real firearm or if you are just looking for a new kind of entertainment, do not wait. You do not need any permit! Our indoor shooting range is accessible to all, from a family trip to a stag group.  Professional service is provided for your safety and there is a wide range of selected weapons.

All of these will get you an unforgettable adventure.

Hvad er inkluderet?

  • Adgangsgebyr til skydebanen
  • Basic pre-loaded ammunition
  • Udlejning af udstyr
  • Øjen- og høreværn
  • Safety instructions
  • Dedikeret rækkevidde sikkerhedsofficer
  • Skydemål
  • Engelsktalende instruktør


Upgrade your xperience in the next step of your booking – additional services session.

Simple Gun Shooting (30 shots)
29 EUR
10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets PM Scorpion Evo3
10 bullets AK47 Kalashnikov
Upgraded Gun Shooting (60 shots)
49 EUR
10 bullets CZ KADET.22lr sport
10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets MP-446 Viking
10 bullets M4 (assault rifle)
10 bullets PM-98 (submachine gun)
10 bullets AK47/mini Beryl (assault rifle)
Rambo Gun Shooting (75 shots)
69 EUR
5 bullets Colt 1911 (pistol)
10 bullets CZ KADET.22lr sport
10 bullets P99 (pistol)

10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets SIG SAUER 320 (pistol)
10 bullets Glauberyt PM-98 (submachine gun)
10 bullets M4 (assault rifle)
10 bullets AK47 (assault rifle)
Customized PackageCreate your own package according to your preferences


Hotel afhentning (ekstra service); eller
In the location of the activity in Wrocław

* A minimum of 2 people is required for this booking

Glock 17 | Beretta 92S | CZ 75 Compact | CZ Shadow 2 | Colt 1911 | TT wz33 | Sig Sauer P320C | Walther P38 | NP466 Viking | H&K SFP9 | Walther PPK | S&W 44 Magnum |  S&W 357 Magnum | Taurus Raging Bull | Colt SAA 1873 | IMI Desert Eagle | H&K Mark 23 | Sports Pistol | P83 Wanad | Scorpion Evo 3 | H&K MP5A3 | FN P90 | SA vz.61 Skorpion | UZI | Micro UZI | B&T MP9 | Sterling | AK-47 Kalashnikov | M4A1 | Galil | Mini-Beryl | Steyr Aug | MSBS Grot | SIG SG550 | H&K G36 | M249 MK1 | H&K G3 | H&K HK33 | Thompson M1928A1 | Sten Mkli | PPSz41 | PPS | MP40 | PM98 Glauberyt | Lee Enfield No.1 | Mauser K98 | SWDS Dragunow | Mosin 1891/30 | Winchester Lever Action | Franchi SPAS-15 | Pump Action Mossberg | Pump Action STF 12 | KEL-TEC KSG | Obrzyn | Saiga-12

  • Minimumsalder: 18 år
  • All participants need to bring ID (passport, driving license, residence card), which is an official document with a photo
  • Vær der 15 minutter før aktivitetens starttid
  • For safety reasons, clients won’t be able to shoot and won’t get a refund in case of them failing to comply with the rules and regulations of the shooting range or if they are under the influence of alcohol/narcotic drugs. Their ammunition will be able to be fired by their colleagues who will be allowed to shoot.

Where is the shooting range located?
The shooting range is located around 5 km from the Old Town, you can reach it by public transport (~20/25min) or we can organise a round-trip taxi for you (4pax – 20€).

Can an underaged person join?
Yes, children over 10 years old are allowed to participate with the supervision of a legal responsible.

What is the price of extra bullets?
Please let us know how many guns and bullets you would like to shoot and we can customize a package according to your needs.

What should we bring with ourselves?
You just need your ID or passport and a bottle of water as well if you feel like you will need it.

How long does the activity take?
The activity lasts from 30min up to 2 hours – it depends on the package and number of participants.

I’m a single traveler. Can I book the activity?
Of course! An additional fee will apply as the minimum required number of participants is 2.

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30 min – 1 hour


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Tue - Fri16.00 - 20.00
Sat - Sun12.00 - 18.00