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Vanvittig pige, der sidder på en stol i et gyserrum i Gdanks som en sjov aktivitet for et gruppincitament til at tage til Sopot
Gyser -aktivitet i Gdansk
Virkelig skræmmende aktivitet for en hjortedyr i Gdansk
Prøv at komme ud af det lukkede værelse i Gdansk aktivitet for bachelor grupper


It’s time for a visit of the National Department of Health

Welcome to our slaughterhouse, you came to us as a team from the Department of Health, simply because the neighbors from the area complained about noises coming from our company building… not necessarily the animal noises – if you know what we mean…

We’ve already had a lot of similar checks, which of course showed no irregularities, and the neighbors are constantly calling and complaining …

Your supervisor will appoint you as a group for “special tasks” to inspect our facility and end this case once and for all.

The task that awaits you is very simple: you just have to go through and carefully inspect the entire slaughterhouse. But … who knows what awaits you after entering the room?

However, you are not the first group that wants to solve the mystery of our slaughterhouse. It happened, however, that we never saw the people who entered there (apparently nothing happened to them, but who knows …). We heard from the people who made it that they supposedly felt as if they were being watched all the time. Unfortunately, we were unable to get more out of them.

Who is this escape room perferct for?
This one is intended only for people with strong nerves, who are not afraid of challenges and are ready to face their greatest fears. Gather a strong team and go for the inspection … But remember that you have to find evidence that will show what is really going on there, otherwise your hard work will be useless, because no one will believe you anyway.

Due to the change in regulations, this is not an easy task. Unfortunately, you only have 60 minutes to find evidence of irregularities in the functioning of the slaughterhouse and get out of the room. Otherwise, what will happen to you will exceed your wildest expectations … The owner knows well that you are going to visit him, so checking the slaughterhouse will not be that easy. Use your previous experience and close it once and for all!

* Der kræves mindst 4 personer pr. Booking


Mandag - torsdag12 EUR
Fredag - søndag15 EUR
  • Med forbehold for tilgængelighed. Vi kan ikke garantere, at du vil spille på det foretrukne tidspunkt, hvis du bestiller i sidste øjeblik (men vi giver altid gode alternativer)

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