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Are you a nature lover? Or would you simply like to get away from the city and experience an amazing water adventure? The answer to your needs is right here. Come and enjoy kayaking with your friends. Admire the nature, listen to the sound of water, birds and nature. Let all your worries and troubles go away with the river flow.

Sit back comfortably in your canoe and relax. Choose one of two routes – one longer to enjoy nature and have a little barbeque after. The other – shorter perfect for an afternoon extraordinary sightseeing. Spend your time actively and be happy about all the wonders surrounding you.

Grab your friends, keep calm and canoe.


1. Oder River: Eastern Park Wroclaw – ZOO: 8,5km 2-3h (sightseeing around the city)
This is the easiest and most accessible route dedicated especially to those people and groups who do not want to leave Wrocław and the route allows you to view Wroclaw from a completely different perspective. Both the start and the finish can be reached by public transport. Along the way, we will not encounter any obstacles that would force us to carry kayaks.

2. Oława River: Oława – Siechnice: 18km – 3,5-4h
Oława is one of those rivers in our region that are runoff even during prolonged drought. Along the way, we will encounter only one obstacle – the weir in Siechnice, where the kayaks need to be moved along the 30m shore. Rafting can be adjusted to participants’ level and shortened, ending it at any road bridge on the route. It can also be extended by about 3.5 km by starting a bit earlier on the river – in Jaczkowice. In Siechnice there is a specially prepared bonfire place with tables and benches where you can pleasantly end the kayaking experience in Wroclaw.

Hvad er inkluderet?

  • Polyethylene kayaks rental
  • Lightweight ergonomic oars
  • Safety vests
  • Transport for drivers to the cars on starting point
  • Parking
  • Instruction on land


Hotel afhentning (ekstra service); eller
I placeringen af aktiviteten

* A minimum of 10 people per booking is required

Mon – Fri € 13
Sat – Sun € 16
  • A minimum of 10 people per booking is required
  • The minimum age is 10 years old.
  • The booking will be confirmed by e-mail after the request and the earlier you make it, the better. Weekdays reservations can be done last minute, and weekend reservations at least 7 days before the event.
  • Suggestion for clients: take dry clothes for after the activity and a small bottle of water and a snack
  • It is possible to organize a bonfire on the stop if the guests bring their own things

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2 – 4 hours


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Hver dag9.00 - 20.00 (before sunset)