Fetter Donnerstag in Polen - Tłusty Czwartek Tradition

Wussten Sie, wie die Polen den letzten Donnerstag im Februar feiern?

They eat heaps of doughnuts! Yes, that’s true, Poles love their doughnuts 😉 It is not only a traditional Catholic Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent but is also associated with the celebration of Carnival!

Fat Thursday is a literal translation of the name Tłusty Czwartek which can give you an outlook on how this day looks like 😉 People are getting out of their homes and work seeking for those delicious pączki. By the way, if you reading this while in Poland you also have to take part in the hunt 😉 When wandering around town, you will find a bakery, one thing you can be sure about is finding a picture like this below.

huge line in front of the bakery on the fat thursday in warsaw

Yes.. the line is long and there is only so many things you can do this day but that for sure should be part of your plan. After all, waiting for something amazing to happen makes it even more worth once you get what you craved for 😉 Remember to buy few of them, not just one. With different kinds of fillings you can get a variety and make out of it a real pączki Verkostung. Vergiss nicht zu bekommen faworki Das ist eine andere Art von Gebäck, die an diesem Tag berühmt war.

Für diejenigen, die weniger Glück haben und nicht in Polen sind, empfehlen wir Dieses sehr gute Rezept das sollte für dich gut funktionieren (wenn du Kochkünste hast;)) Wenn du vorhast, zu einem anderen Zeitpunkt nach Polen zu kommen, ist nicht alles verloren! Sie können immer noch finden pączki in the bakeries pretty much everywhere. It is always a good idea to try them 😉 Below you can find some tasty photos.

tlusty czwartek fat thursdayfaworki on tlusty czwartek


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