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Innenraum des Partybusses in Breslau
Partybus für einen Junggesellenabschied in Breslau


Party bus Poznan is designed to host up to 40 guests, a great option for birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events or anniversaries.
The Party bus is equipped with a high-end professional sound system, karaoke sets, game console, LCD TV, a dance floor, refrigerators, ice and a dance pole.
The basis for the interior design of the party bus is usually light effects, based on modern LED panels and lasers, comfortable armchairs and a dance floor. In many models, you will also find a place for the DJ and a VIP zone with leather sofas in the back of the bus. That is a perfect mobile party!
English double-decker buses are rented by major brands, so you can not miss traveling inside it. By driving a London double-decker bus you will definitely get the attention of pedestrians. Are you ready for the power of attractions and unforgettable impressions? Party with us.

Feeling like all of this is not enough? Later on in the booking process just check the option to hire a photographer, a DJ, a dancer or additional drinks. Book now! We can’t wait to see you dancing like a party animal!

Friday night, let’s feel the party. Fizzy in your head? That’s the weekend bro. Take your crew and have a drive in the most freaky party bus in Poznań. Get wild inside and explore the city than. Ready for RUMBLE!

What’s included in the Party Bus Poznan?

    • Number of places: max. 40 ppl – the more people this price is more attractive
    • Abholung vom Hotel / Restaurant / Flughafen
    • 1-hour Party Double-Decker Bus ride
    • Cabrio bus with the possibility of roofing
    • Possibility of bringing your own alcohol on board
    • Sound system
    • Lodges and tables
    • Freely customize a bus route
    • Berufskraftfahrer
    • 1 bottle of vodka 0,7 or Sparkling wine


  • Professionelle Musikausrüstung mit Live-DJ-Mixing
  • Photographer
  • Dancer
  • Raucherzeuger
  • Additional drinks (whiskey, champagne, sparkling wine, beer, vodka, softs)


Your chosen location in Poznan (Hotel/Restaurant/Airport pick-up or other)

* Price is per group (up to 40 people)

  • Das Mindesttrinkalter beträgt 18 Jahre
  • Minimum booking time – 3 hours (regular offer)
  • Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage können wir die Party im Bus zu einem bestimmten Wunschtermin nicht garantieren – je früher Sie buchen, desto besser

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