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ab/pro Person 10 
  • Alkohol inklusive
  • Bestseller, Verkaufsschlager, Spitzenreiter
  • Lokaler Führer
  • Private Gruppe
  • Spaziergang beteiligt

Stag Do Warschau besten Mann der Wahl der Stag Night
Zwei einheimische Führerinnen für die Nacht zu engagieren
Abschluss im Club in Warschau
Party mit der lokalen Führerin in Warschau


A perfect activity for any bachelor groups visiting our beloved city. A great chance to get to know it better and have fun with your friends in a foreign location. Stag Night in Krakow is a privately organized bar tour where our beautiful female guide will take you on a wild journey through the best party spots that the city has to offer! The guide will make sure each and every one of your mates is part of the group while exploring the best late night spots in the city. You will meet your guide in one of our favorite bars located in Krakow’s Old Town at scheduled time (around 7-8 PM). It is possible for our guide to come and pick your group up at the restaurant or any other centrally located place. We recommend starting off around 8 PM.

After getting a free vodka shot in the 1st bar, you will be guided at your own pace to 5-6 more venues where at each one of them you will get to know something cool about its origin or will be able to hear a few stories about stuff that was going on just around the walls.

With our local female guide, you can be sure you will find yourself in the best spots at the best times. Route will be designed in a way to check out the coolest spots on this particular night. Since it is such a big occasion, the first vodka shot of the night is on us! For the next ones, you’re on your own though, just remember to not mix up too much, it might be dangerous, or what’s worse – annoying for you or the people getting you back to the hotel room! At the end of your night, your guide will take you to a strip club or a dance club, according to your preferences and what you feel like doing. No pressure! Well, maybe a bit. You’ll see!

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Was beinhaltet die Hirschnacht Krakau?

  • Lokale Führerin
  • Die Route richtet sich nach den am Tag Ihrer Tour abgehaltenen Partys
  • Freier Schuss Wodka an der 1. Bar
  • Freier Eintritt in den Strip Club / Dance Club
  • Trinkspiele zum Spaß


Treffen Sie Ihren Guide an einem zentral gelegenen Punkt (Altstadt)
Bevorzugter Beginn der Nacht gegen 20 Uhr

* Pro Buchung sind mindestens 10 Personen erforderlich

  • Das Mindesttrinkalter beträgt 18 Jahre
  • Ein wenig Gehen ist erforderlich
  • Zusätzliche Getränke (zum Kauf erhältlich)
  • Abholung / Rückgabe vom Hotel

Traveller Style

Party Tiere


4 Stunden


Täglich Bevorzugter Start bei 20 (flexibel)