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Escape Room in Warsaw will challenge you to get out of the room in under 60 minutes!
Groups of up to 5 people can enjoy the game in the room escape in WArsaw
Game in the laboratory really stretches your mind
Special Indiana game is the hardest level of the game in the room escape that you can imagine. Try to get out within 60 minutes in Warsaw
Tienes que trabajar juntos para poder terminar el desafío.


Escape Room Warsaw puts you in a tricky situation where you and your friends need to find your way out of the locked room in less than 60 minutes. Being an offline adventure game, it will require the participant to think fast, turn on creative thinking and to be observant but – most of all – to be able to work as a team.

The cooperation with other players is a necessary condition without which you will be locked forever in the darkness of the basement or the laboratory of a mad scientist. It soon becomes clear that each player has unique skills and it is a matter of a great division of tasks to be able to work independently and simultaneously on various challenges. Communication is the key here without which your escapade will be like wandering in a dense fog. Only a smooth flow of information will allow you to connect all the facts and resolve puzzles, which then will let you exit the room and win the game.

So gather your team, take the challenge and enter the room!

Punto de partida

Recogida en el hotel (servicio adicional); o
In one of the 2 possible locations of the activity in Warsaw

* La mejor experiencia está garantizada para equipos de 2-5 participantes (para cualquiera de las salas)
** El precio es por grupo

Escape Room Warsaw is not only a great idea to transfer your attention from your PC or television set to something else but also to spend some quality time with your friends and family, regardless of the time or weather.
It is a completely new type of entertainment for both the adults and kids and also a great idea for team building exercises, integration and even a Bachelor or Birthday party.
In each of the six adventures of the Escape, you need to enable creative thinking, perceptiveness and get your team out of a trap in less than 60 minutes!
Level: 6/6
Level: 5/6
Indiana, Olympus, Submarine, Laboratory, Museum, Time Machine
Level: 4/6
Basement, Medieval, Interactive
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