Długi Targ, Gdańsk, Polska
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Girl with a Pub Crawl Gdansk signboard
Ultimate Pub Crawl in Gdansk
Get the vodka shots on a bar hopping in Gdansk
Best bar crawl in Gdansk and Sopot
Best party Xperience on a party tour in Gdansk


Looking for a great night out? Want to meet other people and party together? Pub Crawl Gdansk is an absolute must-do while in the north of Poland! It is the only regularly organized party tour in 3city. Our local guides will show you the best bars & clubs in this part of Poland where you will party like a rockstar until late morning!

During this 4 hour of pure fun, together with an international crowd led by our friendly local guides, you will explore the best bars & clubs in the north of Poland. In each of the venues you’ll get a free shot, you will also get 2 free drinks of choice in one of the bars and last but not least – free entry to one of the coolest venues in Gdansk. Just go for it and join our Pub Crawl Party Crowd at 8:30 PM at the Neptune’s Fountain and make the most of your stay in Gdansk!

Private Crawl is available every day!! Contáctenos if you would like to have your own Gdansk Pub Crawl’s guide.

What does Pub Crawl Gdansk include?

  • 2 Cocktails or beers in the 1st bar
  • Beer for drinking games
  • Free shot at each bar
  • Entrada club VIP
  • Guías locales divertidos y profesionales
  • Crazy challenges

Punto de partida

Next to Neptune’s Fountain, look for your guides holding Pub Crawl Gdansk signboards.

  • La edad mínima para beber es de 18 años.
  • Se requiere caminar un poco
  • You will get instant confirmation of your booking
  • Bebidas adicionales (disponibles para su compra)
  • Recogida y entrega en el hotel


Estilo viajero

Animales de la fiesta


4 horas


Todo el año
Friday & Saturday (winter season)20.30
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday (summer season)20.30