Breslavia, Polonia
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Despedida de soltero en nuestro tour de degustación de vodka en Varsovia


Join our Vodka Tasting Session at only 1 venue to get to know more about this famous alcohol which is very traditional among Polish people.

There are many traditions related to tasting and enjoying vodka and we want to share and put those into practice with you!

Our local guide will meet you at a centrally located bar dedicated to the communist times which will enable you to go back in time to those extraordinary times. What you have to keep in mind is that times before 1989 were a totally different reality where vodka was as common to drink as water, people lined up for in long queues just to get regular products from shelves as there was pretty much nothing besides the locally produced vinegar. Some of those stories you will hear from our local guide that will introduce to you in the second part of the XX century. During the tasting, you will discover 6 types of Polish vodka. We really hope you will love our selection!

If you have a shorter time available, check our Short 1,5h Vodka Tasting in Wroclaw.

What’s included in Vodka Tasting Session in Wroclaw?

  • Divertido y simpático Vodka Xpert local
  • 6 chupitos de vodka tradicional polaco en un local
  • Polish board with pierogi, herring, and pickled vegetables
  • Water to enjoy the tasting even more
  • Historias alucinantes de la época comunista
  • Datos curiosos e historias interesantes

Punto de partida

Bar located in the Wroclaw Old Town

* Minimum group of 5 people per booking

  • La edad mínima para beber es de 18 años.
  • Se requiere un mínimo de 5 personas por reserva
  • Bebidas adicionales (disponibles para su compra)
  • Recogida / regreso al hotel

Estilo viajero



3 horas


Todo el año
Todos los díasUpon request (recommended before 7pm)