We are young & passionate locals trying to create the best possible experiences for travelers visiting Poland! We put all our hearts in what we do and with each time we try to outperform ourselves in delivering realiable tours with a personal touch always making it fun.We are mainly a nightlife tours company, but we like to do day stuff too involving our customers in any significant area of a local lifestyle offering different types of services depending on a budget and interest of the incoming travelers.

We have been organizing tours since 2011 getting famous on the local market. We have started with bulding our first brand Pub Crawl Warsaw, having the local knowledge of the best places to see and amazing ways to experience the night, we firstly started taking out people from the local hostel on a party night. Later on, in 2014, we have started Nightclub Tour in Warsaw as our premium service for those who are seeking for a bit more luxury. Then we have started Pub Crawl in Gdansk and Wroclaw, as well as Nightclub Tours and theme Shot Bar Tour around the best typical drinkng places in the city.

As you see closer what we have been involved in, you know that we are working on for almost half a decade, filling our social profiles with a lot of positive reviews from customers all around the world.

The idea to create XperiencePoland came to us in 2015, but being involved in a lot of projects, we simply didn’t have enough time to set it up. In July 2016 it was finally possible. We have put all of our brands and our partner-friends who do amazing things under one umbrella brand serving you in what we do the best.

You are more than welcome to check our reviews from TripAdvisor and if you have any questions, we will be glad to make sure you get the most of your trip to Poland!

You probably ask yourself. “So, are you a travel agency? Tour provider or a marketplace?
We like to call ourselves a travel hybrid company. What does it mean? It means that under XperiencePoland umbrella we want to focus on delivering you the best tours & activities in a reasonable price. It means that the stuff we think we are the best, we do ourselves. It means that all the other stuff that we know who does the best, we leave to the experts (who are our friends by the way;)) At the same time you are guaranteed to pay the most reasonable price there is. More than that, you can even find better deals here than anywhere else. We are travel lovers. We know you are too. Let’s explore this world together.

No, besides Warsaw we offer tours also in Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw & Poznan. On this website up till now you can find experiences available in Warsaw and few more that are easy to access with our transportation from Warsaw. If you want to know more about the tours we offer or customise your trip for multiple cities, we will be more than happy to help you.

Tailored Tours

We can provide you with the full itinerary for your employees. Plan, organization, group taken care of by our hosts and guides and full customization of preffered options that are available. It can be a multi-day multi-city tailored tour with all the options the company would like to have for their employees or short one-day of fun with just the most important tours and activities. We can match & combine tours with activities, city games with food tastings as well as any other team building action.

Yes, we have a lot of fun activities and memorable ideas for your bachelor/ette in any of the cities in Poland. Besides group activities there are also packages available to purchase depending on your groups travelling style. If there is something you would like to happen and you can’t see it in this website, feel free to contact us and we will make it happen!

It is very easy, just send us your request with the amount of people in your group and what would be your desired tour in any of the cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw or Poznan.  We will get back to you in less than 24 hours providing you all the information that needs only your confirmation to be finally booked. We want to guarantee highly knowledgeble guide, reasonable pricing keeping in mind that your happiness is our priority.


Feel free to book any time you want. We will make anything we can to deliver your desired tours and activities. For last minute tours (under 24 hours) we cannot fully guarantee the availability of spots due to the number of bookings that are already made and paid for. In case of bookings of tours that include vehicle, if the spots are sold then we will get back to you with the information and give a full refund of money. In short, feel free to book anytime, if there are free spots then your tour will be organized. If there will be any problem with the last minute booking, then you will be contacted and total deposit will be refunded.

You can book the tour straight in the website in the tour sections, call us at +48 575 030 301, write on WhatsApp, send us an e-mail at , or even reach us on Facebook Messenger or Instagram. We will be glad to give you all the information about booking your trip to Warsaw or any other polish city.

Yes, all our tour guides speak English fluently. Some of our guides speak also German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian and of course Polish. If you want your tour to be provided in any of those languages, please contact us to know more.


Ooops, you booked a tour in the wrong date and now you want to change the date or the time of your tour.
We understand things come up, so we will happily change your date or time as long as we have availability. If you must make a change, please contact us with the Booking number and PIN code. However, please be aware that some of our tours cannot be amended once you have booked one of them. This includes tours that have a hotel stay or rail tickets attached.

We try to offer the best experience as possible, but sometimes our users can face problems while booking through our website. It would be the easiest for you to contact us directly with information which tour would you like to book and additionally letting us know about any problem you have encountered on your digital journey to the tour purchase. It means a world to us to hear from our customers about any disfuncionality of our website in order for a quick fix so other people don’t have to deal with the same issue. Getting your feedback makes the positive change occur faster 😉


You can pay by PayPal or by any debit/credit card. At the end of booking process you will be asked to process the payment with PayPal or PayU provider. There is an option to pay with debit/credit card using PayPal without ever needing to sign-up for their service. Simply put in all your card details into your system and check-off the option of the registration. There you go. This way your tour can be easily booked and paid for.

You can also pay with a bank transfer. For this necessity contact us directly and let’s consult all the necessary details. If there is any other payment option you would like us to enable, get it touch with us.

You can pay with your debit/credit card through the PayPal system withough registration. At the end of booking process on website you will be asked to continue the payment process using PayPal system. Simply put all your debit/credit card details there and sign out from the registration option. This way your booking will be secured with the deposit and tour will be confirmed.

Simply continue the booking up to the end confirming the payment through PayPal system. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a registered PayPal account to pay with your card. Simply click the option to pay with debit/credit card and then check off the option to register for PayPal account. Click Pay and booking with your card is done.


After a long flight you need to have the fastest and guaranteed transfer to your accommodation and booking your transfer in advance will let you do it without hassle.
All you need to do is to book one of our transfers (Transfer link) or send us your request and within 24 hours we will respond to you giving all details to book the transfer.