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Get on a Jewish Warsaw Tour around the capital of Poland with XperiencePoland.com


Before the World War II, the only other city with a Jewish community of a similar size to Warsaw’s was… New York! Realizing what Warsaw was, helps us understand the tremendous loss that forever changed the city once so famous for its Jewish culture. Yet, alongside stories of destruction, there are stories of the unimaginable […]

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Souvenir from the Stalin is the main attraction in the center of Warsaw and will be showed to you at the Communist Tour Warsaw


Join our Communist Tour Warsaw and get a sense of what it was like to live in the capital of Poland in “the dark age of communism” (1945-1989). You will see some communist-style architecture, starting with the symbol of that era, the Palace of Science and Culture – a gift from Comrade Stalin himself. Then […]

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Chopin museum in Warsaw is the one we visit during the private warsaw chopin tour


Poland is a motherland of one of the greatest piano composers of all time – Fryderyk Chopin. Even though his father was French, Fryderyk was born in Poland in 1810. That’s where he spent the first half of his short life. In Warsaw he grew up, gave his first public performance and finally, his heart […]

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Krakow & Auschwitz one day trip from Warsaw


Tour by Train - option 1 Tour to Auschwitz is a full-day tour from Warsaw provided part by our private vehicle (in Krakow) and partly by a train (Warsaw -Krakow - Warsaw). Your group will depart from Warsaw Central Station around 5:35 am heading to Krakow with a train (the details of the exact schedule [...]

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Most useful polish language expressions to be taught


Impress Polish people with a local slang! Introduce yourself and make small talk! Read menus and order food easily. Polish is the second most spoken Slavic language in the world. This fun and practical class will let you speak the basics, giving you the confidence to connect with Poland’s most beautiful attribute, its people. Part […]

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Poland by joining our Vodka Tasting Tour in Warsaw. Get ready to discover the fascinating world of Polish vodka, where you’ll learn about the history, production, and the local bar scene, all while savoring the taste of some of the best […]

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