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barry f
Great intro to vodka I did the vodka tasting experience with Mike. Tasted a good selection of vodkas and got great information about them from Mike. Great way to spend 2 hours.
So much more to vodka than just falling down juice. Vodka tasting was more than I expected. History of each of the vodkas (brief because it is all about tasting). All were unflavoured vodka and I was surprised there was such a difference ! Knowledge and alcohol a great combination, not so much vodka you can not remember. Fantastic start to an evening. Stories were funny and I could relate to them. Julek was entertaining and qualified in brewing and vodka. A masters degree in drinking 👍. Highly recommend two hours of his company and a fantastic start to an evening before enjoying many more vodkas in Warsaw.
Blake M
Smooth fun! We had a fantistic time on Xperience Poland´s party bus in Krakow! Their customer service and flexibility exeeded our expectations! Everything that we booked with them went smoothly.
Callum G
Great Tasting Guide & A good laugh! Mariana was excellent & had great knowledge and was more than happy to help with planning the rest of our trip in Gdańsk! Would recommend to anyone!
Daniel W
Great experience It was great. Fast and easy transfer, good safety briefing and a cool experience. Is recommended to everyone. Thank you for the great Time.
Amanda Houben
Heel vet! Leuke ervaring We werden op tijd opgehaald bij ons hotel! Eenmaal aangekomen kregen we hele duidelijke uitleg en begeleiding! Het lijkt misschien weinig 4 wapens met nog geen 20 kogels, maar het is vrij intens. 😂👌🏼 wij vonden het erg leuk!
Lars B
Great Vodka tour We’ve had an amazing tour, guided by Mariana. The vodka and food were great. We would definitely recommend it!
Bjarke P
Tasting Polish vodka Good session of tasting polish vodka. I highly recommend taking part in this while youre in Poland ;) Simona was a lovely guide!
Mário L
Pub crawl: melhor forma de fazer amizades viajando Fiz o Pub Crawl com a guia Iraam, ótima experiência. Cheguei fora do horário e com um problema na reserva e mesmo assim ela conseguiu organizar tudo perfeitamente e encaixar as coisas. Grande experiência, mesmo para quem está sozinho
Fun night out and a good way to see the Warsaw nightlife The Wroclaw Pub Crawl was great fun. The crawl was popular with a lot of other attendees, the venues that we visited were varied and we were kept well watered in each place we visited. The tour guides kept the energy going- particularly Natalia who was a fantastic host and a load of fun- keeping us entertained with shots and drinking games.
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Ryhmä ihmisiä segwayillä kuninkaallisen linnan vieressä olevalla kierroksella.
Segwayllä liukuminen kauniin Varsovan halki
Ryhmä liukuu pois Segway Tourilla Pilsudskin aukiolta Varsovassa.
Segway Tour Varsovassa Pilsudskiego aukiolla


Feeling like exploring the city in a different way? That is definitely something you should try at least couple of times in your life! If you feel that you don’t need to have a tour around the main area of Krakow and would like to simply hire a segway in Krakow for your private use either for 30 or 60 minutes then you have a chance to do that now 🙂 Our coordinator will explain to you how to handle this device in a safe manner so you can enjoy the most out of your ride. After that short brief, you will be ready to explore Krakow on a segway!

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  • 30 minutes of Segway rental in Krakow
  • 30 minuuttia lisää (yhteensä 60 min) saatavilla seuraavassa varausvaiheessa.
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Vähintään 2 henkilöä varausta kohden, enintään 12 henkilöä.

  • Voit aloittaa kierroksen eri aikaan, joka sopii tarpeisiisi, ilmoita meille etukäteen, niin järjestämme sinulle oppaan.
  • Voit myös liittyä johonkin segway-kierroksistamme. Löydät kaikki tarjolla olevat kierrokset täällä


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