For Jewish Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Passover’s message felt all too real | Lloyd Green

‘We have pharaohs in neighboring countries,’ Zelenskiy recently said. I was privileged to join a group of refugees celebrating seder

On the first night of Passover, more than 100 Ukrainian refugees gathered for a seder at the Doubletree-Hilton in Warsaw, Poland. The Haggadah, the accompanying liturgical libretto, directs its readers to see themselves as if they had personally exited from slavery. This year, Russia made that task easier.

“We have pharaohs in neighboring countries,” Volodymyr Zelenskiy said, speaking to the world from Ukraine.

Lloyd Green is an attorney in New York. He was opposition research counsel to George HW Bush’s 1988 campaign and served in the Department of Justice from 1990 to 1992

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