Gdańsk, Pologne
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L'activité de tir à l'arc à Gdansk est un excellent moyen de passer activement du temps en Pologne
Book now the archery tag in gdansk to have fun with your friends while on a trip to Poland. Great activity even for bachelorette party

La description

Archery Tag Gdansk or Arrow Tag is an excellent action game, which has been taking the world by storm. It’s available in a number of countries around the world and now also in Poland.

Do you want to feel like a medieval archer and hunt down your mates with a bow and an arrow? Look no further. The arrows are completely safe and we will also teach you how to operate the bow in no time! The optimal number of participants in each game is 12, but any group can participate.

The contestants are situated on the opposite sides of the pitch, which is divided by a “safe zone”. The objective is to eliminate all of your opponents either by hitting them with your arrow or knocking out all the discs of the opponent’s shield. You will be given 12 Archery Tag bows along with 48 Archery Tag arrows (fast and standard) which give you 4 arrows per player when playing with 12 players. The inflatable obstacles will allow you to take cover from enemy fire and the protectors for your fingers and forearms will come in handy for the more clumsy players. Protective masks will allow spectacular, but harmless headshots.

We will get the equipment ready for you, teach you how to use it along with tips and shooting techniques. The fun is completed with a referee and event animator.

Ce qui est inclu?

  • Round-trip transportation from/to the facility
  • 50 min of gametime
  • 10 min of training
  • Archery Tag bow
  • Archery Tag arrows
  • Inflatable obstacles
  • Protective masks
  • Equipment set up
  • Referee animating the game

Point de départ

Prise en charge à l'hôtel

* For groups of minimum 6 people / maximum 12 people

Liste de prix
1st hour € 22 / person
2nd hour € 15 / person
Pick-up in Gdynia or Sopot€ 2 / person

Style de voyageur

Amis de la famille


50 minutes


Toute l'année
Tous les jours9am to 10pm (upon request)