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Tous les ingrédients dont vous avez besoin pour faire du chocolat seront préparés pour l'atelier à Varsovie
Chocolate is making people happy, not only chocolate but also our workshops are designed in a way to make you feel awesome!
Mix and match different flavours to get your favourite taste at our chocolate workshop in Warsaw
If you are a chocolate lover - you should definitely check out our chocolate workshop in Warsaw

La description

There is no better thing to eat than chocolate (although some may argue about pizza…). You will learn the process of production and how to decorate and prepare your favourite one. You will try real cacao beans, degustate 3 different kinds of this mouth heaven and then leave with your very own chocolate creations (unless you eat them in the meantime)!

What will you do?

  • Welcome participants, presenting the agenda of workshops, distribution of aprons for the workshop period.
  • Designing own chocolate bar with the addition of selected freeze-dried fruits and nuts.
  • Demonstration of manual chocolate tempering.
  • Manual chocolate tempering made by participants.
  • Pouring tempered chocolate into molds, designing own chocolate bars, cooling chocolates in refrigerators.
  • Presentation of chocolate production processes starting from the grain itself.
  • Drink a real hot chocolate
  • Tasting of different dark chocolate bars (up to 3 types)
  • Hand-packing chocolates into the selected package.

Point de départ

Prise en charge à l'hôtel (service supplémentaire); ou alors
at the Chocolate Story

* Minimum of 5 people per booking

Style de voyageur

Amis de la famille


up to 90 minutes


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