Varsovie, Pologne
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Our laser tag venue in Warsaw is quite scary
Profitez de l'obscurité tout en essayant de chasser vos amis pendant les jeux de lazer tag à Varsovie
This ultimate venue for a laser tag warsaw is awesome

La description

The first form of Laser Tag was deployed by the United States Army in the early ’80s to simulate the actual battlefield without any loss of soldiers. The idea evolved into a virtual game where you can play along in different scenarios, using team strategy or simply going with the BEATING THEM ALL style.

A unique and real challenge where you will be the main character. Get ready to live this exciting adventure full of fun and adrenaline.

Laser Tag Warsaw is perfect for groups of friends or families seeking for painless adrenaline. You will cooperate with your team to capture the flag and go full deathmatch in this cooler, painless and high-tech version of paintball!

Get into this Virtual Live Game and feel like you’re on a real battlefield with your friends with no risk of even getting a stain.

Ce qui est inclu?

  • 60 minutes of fun in the Laser Tags Hangar
  • 2 games of 20 minutes + break + arming/disarming + checking results
  • Armes laser
  • Gilet électronique
  • Various mission scenarios
  • Assurance

Point de départ

Hotel pick-up (additional service);
or at the Laser Tags Hangar

* A minimum of 4 people (weekends) or 6 people (weekdays) per booking is recommended for Laser Tags Warsaw.

Style de voyageur

Amis de la famille


~50 minutes


Toute l'année
Tous les jours12pm - 9 pm