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Valeri L
Valeri L
Best Bachelor Party We traveled from germany to krakow for a Bachelor Party and booked 4 activities by xperience poland. Great and helpfull service. Best activities. I can recommend everyone this Company.
An excellent experience! We decided to do the vodka tasting during our stop in Gdansk during my husband's birthday tour of Poland and it was so fun! Monika was awesome, giving us so much history and background on the country and each vodka. It was truly an experience and one we are so glad we got to have! Thank you, Monika!
Catalin Z
Catalin Z
Fun in Sopot We had a small corporate team building event and we chose XPeriemce Poland and Monique as our guides. It was tremendous fun.
Oliver B
Oliver B
Memorable guided trip with Monika During our time in Gdansk, we had the pleasure of being guided by Monika, who made our vodka tasting and pub crawl experience truly exceptional. Monika's wealth of knowledge about vodka and the local scene was impressive. She effortlessly engaged us with fascinating facts and stories, all delivered in fluent English that made communication seamless. What really stood out was Monika's genuine hospitality and dedication to ensuring we had a fantastic time. From personalized recommendations to her infectious enthusiasm, she made every moment memorable. Whether we were sampling different vodka flavors or exploring hidden gems in Gdansk, Monika's passion for her work shone through. Thanks to Monika's guidance, our night out in Gdansk was filled with laughter, new discoveries, and unforgettable experiences. If you ever find yourself in Gdansk looking for an incredible adventure, Monika is the perfect guide to make it happen.
Alistair M
Alistair M
Stress Relief without any drama I have been around weapons whilst I was in the military and haven’t fired any weapons for quite some time. I fired a Glock pistol, AK 47,and a RPK on full auto which brought back some bitter sweet memories. My wife also fired some weapons for the first time ever. I thoroughly recommend the extreme shooting
Henry G
Henry G
Great experience! Great vodka! This was a wonderful tasting experience! Monika was a fantastic host with so much knowledge not only about the vodka we were drinking, but also Polish history. My friend and I were the only ones in the tasting and we loved it. The venue was very nice and felt authentic, right in old town. Lastly, all the vodkas were very different and they were absolutely delicious (coming from a non-vodka drinker too). Highly recommend!
Jeffrey Jay H
Jeffrey Jay H
Best experience thanks to you guys and the people of Warsaw! Amazing time thanks to you guys! Great Organisation, everything was smooth and on time! Warsaw in general is the perfect option for a bachelor
Best enhancement for your trip Best trip ever. Came to Gdansk with my family, was in search for some fun activities. Came across pub crawl, and immediately improved my trip My teams guide Monica was amazing, cooperative and fun to be around Doesn't matter if you go solo or with friends, pub crawl is definitely the place to meet new people and have a lot of fun in the night
Margrethe V
Margrethe V
Recommend for all traveling to Gdańsk and interested in alcohol and history We had an amazing evening with Monica. Very interesting and the vodka was much better than expected. Will definitely recommend this for both couples and bigger groups as you learn not only about vodka, but polish culture and nature💛
Magnus V
Magnus V
Vodkatasting Very good experience! Mooonica was a great host, she did a wonderful job telling about the history of each vodka and the history of gdansk! Had a great time, recommendable!!
  • Activité
  • 5 étoiles
  • Best-seller
  • Démarrage flexible
  • Apprentissage
  • Groupe privé
  • sport
  • Transport inclus

Homme debout avec une arme à feu pour une activité de tir à varsovie
Stand de tir avec un homme debout derrière
Un homme tire avec un pistolet Kalachnikov lors d'une activité à Varsovie
Stand de tir à Varsovie pour une activité d'enterrement de vie de garçon.
Grande variété de fusils disponibles pour les activités de tir à Varsovie lors d'un week-end d'enterrement de vie de garçon.

La description

Préparez-vous à tirer sur des armes à feu qui étaient parmi les armes les plus courantes disponibles dans la seconde moitié du vingtième siècle. Il ne s'agit pas de répliques, mais d'armes vraiment lourdes, comme les célèbres armes soviétiques de l'ancien régime communiste. AK47 Kalashnikov, films célèbres Glock, Colt 1911 ou même mitrailleuse Glauberyt.

En plus de la fusillade elle-même, notre chauffeur expérimenté et anglophone viendra vous chercher à votre hébergement. et veiller à ce que vous arriviez au bon endroit au bon moment. Vous serez transporté dans la dernière version de la Mercedes Classe E (1-3 personnes), ou Mercedes Viano ou Classe V (4-7 personnes) et Mercedes Sprinter (en cas de groupes de 8+ personnes). C'est la garantie de votre tranquillité d'esprit 🙂 .

Tous les éléments ci-dessus sont fournis dans le pack supplémentaire premium, mais trois d'entre eux sont utilisés dans le pack de base bestseller. Avec le Gun Shooting Warsaw, vous avez la possibilité de choisir si vous voulez aller plus loin dans l'expérience du tir au pistolet ou si vous voulez juste l'essayer pour le plaisir. L'activité se déroule dans le meilleur stand de tir de Varsovie, avec des instructeurs expérimentés, anglophones et dévoués, qui s'occupent de vous et veillent à ce que vous appreniez rapidement les techniques et que l'activité se déroule dans un environnement sûr.

Que comprend le programme Gun Shooting Warsaw ?

  • Round-trip transfer by a modern vehicles
  • Instructeur professionnel anglophone
  • Frais d'entrée au stand de tir
  • Location de l'axe pour le tournage
  • Munitions de base préchargées (vérifier les paquets ci-dessous)
  • Location de matériel
  • Protection des yeux et des oreilles
  • Responsable de la sécurité du champ de tir
  • Cibles de tir

Forfaits de tir

Below best minimal prices are calculated considering a minimum group size of 5 people.
For smaller groups, the prices gets higher as the cost of the transportation is split in between less participants.
For higher packages, you can upgrade in the next step of the booking.

Paquet de base
from 43 EUR per person (20 bullets)
5 balles AK-47 Kalashnikov
5 balles Glock 17/19
5 balles Glauberyt (PM98)
5 balles KBKS Hammerli 22LR
Paquet Rambo
+ 38 EUR per person (55 bullets)
10 balles Pistolet de sport
10 balles pistolet Glock 17
10 balles Fusil AK 47 Kalashnikov
Pistolet à 5 balles Colt 1911
5 balles Fusil de chasse
15 balles Mitrailleuse Glauberyt
Paquet Terminator
+ 95 EUR per person (80 bullets)
Pistolet de sport à 10 balles
10 balles fusil de sport M-4
15 balles pistolet Glock 17
10 balles de fusil AK-47 Kalashnikov
Revolver à 5 balles .357 Magnum
Fusil de chasse à 5 balles
Pistolet-mitrailleur 15 balles UZI
10 balles de fusil Beryl
World War II (NEW!)
+ 30 EUR per person (35 bullets)
5 bullets P-08 pistol
5 bullets Colt 1911 pistol
5 bullets Mosin-Nagant submachine gun
10 bullets UZI submachine gun
10 bullets PPSz-41 submachine gun
Machine Gun Fun (NEW!)
+ 99 EUR per person (70 bullets)
10 bullets Scorpion EVO 3 submachine gun
10 bullets submachine gun Ingram MAC10
10 bullets PPS 43 submachine gun
20 bullets RPKS machine gun
20 bullets Goriunov machine gun


Price list depending on a group size
 1 personfrom €94 (Basic package)
 2 peoplefrom €61 per person
 3 personnesfrom €51 per person
 4 peoplefrom €69 per person
 5+ peoplefrom €55 or less per person

Point de départ

Prise en charge à l'hôtel (service supplémentaire); ou alors
Dans le lieu de l'activité.

  • Pistolet de sport
  • Pistolet Glock 17
  • Fusil AK 47 Kalashnikov
  • Fusil de chasse
  • Revolver Magnum
  • Pistolet Colt 1911
  • Mitrailleuse Glauberyt
  • Âge minimum : 18 ans
  • Please keep in mind that the estimated duration may vary depending on the package selected, the pick-up location, traffic conditions, and your pace at the shooting range
  • Soyez présent 15 minutes avant l'heure de début de l'activité
  • Pour des raisons de sécurité, les participants ne doivent pas consommer d'alcool avant cette activité.
  • Toute personne en état d'ébriété avant le début de l'activité ne sera pas autorisée à y participer et aucun remboursement ne sera effectué.

Style de voyageur

Aventurier d'adrénaline


1.5 – 3 hours


    Toute l'année
    Du mardi au vendredi12:00-20:00