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Gdansk, Sopot


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Legénybúcsú a varsói vodkakóstoló túránkon


Vodka is a spirit which always appears at Polish parties and special occasions. Just try to imagine a wedding or Birthday party without it – almost an impossible mission!
Gdansk, as a city influenced by many different cultures through ages, has its own vodka tradition. In the XVI century, Dutchman Ambrosius Vermollen invented Goldwasser, a vodka with small flakes of 22 or 23 karat gold suspended in it. Alchemists held gold to have many desirable medical properties.

Join our Vodka Tasting Tour and discover the wonderful world of Polish vodka! Try Goldwasser, traditional Kasubian vodka and many others!

We are going to take you on an evening experience around famous shot bars as these venues (being very popular among locals) bring people together over small glasses of strong alcohol, which inevitably leads to profound conversation.

Our local guide will show you the best bars in the city and share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. Your local friend will introduce to you the interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out 8 of the best types from our selection. Along with your drinks, you will get to try 2 different food pairings that we Poles fill our stomachs with while enjoying our beloved alcohol.
Don’t forget to add our Vodka Tasting Tour to your list of things to do in the Gdansk!

Mit tartalmaz?

  • Fun & friendly local vodka expert
  • 8 traditional Polish brands at 3 different genuine local venues
  • 2-3 delicious food pairings
  • Brief intro to the history of vodka
  • Most iconic Polish vodka brands explained
  • Deeper understanding of the drinking culture in Poland
  • Érdekes történetek a kommunista időkből

Kiindulási pont

Centrally located bar or next to the Neptune’s Fountain

* Minimum group of 2 people per booking

This insightful tour gives you the chance to taste up to 8 types of Polish vodkas with 2 different food pairings at 3 different shot bars. You will also learn about the history of the country’s preferred beverage!
Do you really love vodka? Contact us to add a nightclub package to your trip at the best clubs of Gdansk or Sopot.
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