Varsavia, Polonia
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Uomo in piedi con una pistola per un'attività di tiro a segno a Varsavia
Gun shooting range with a man standing behind
Man shoots a Kalashnikov gun during activity in warsaw
Shooting range in warsaw for a stag do activity
Wide variety of guns available for shooting activity in warsaw on a stag bachelor weekend


Get ready to shoot firearms that were some of the most common weapons available in the second half of the twentieth century. We don’t mean any replicas but the really heavy, fat guns like the famous old-communist soviet AK47 Kalashnikov, movies famous Glock, Colt 1911 or even machine gun Glauberyt.

On top of the shooting itself, our experienced English-speaking driver will come pick you up at your accommodation and make sure you arrive at the right location at the right time. You will be transported in the newest version of the Mercedes E-Class (1 -3 people), or Mercedes Viano or V-Class (4-7 people) and Mercedes Sprinter (in case of groups 8+ people). That guarantees your piece of mind 🙂

All of the above are provided in the premium additional package but three of them are used in the bestseller basic package. With the Gun Shooting Warsaw, you get the option to choose if you want to go deep with the gun shooting experience or if you would just like to try it for fun. The activity takes place at the best Warsaw shooting range with an experienced English-speaking and dedicated instructors taking care of you, making sure you learn the skills fast and the whole activity is performed in a safe environment.

What’s included in Gun Shooting Warsaw?

  • Round-trip transfer by a private modern Mercedes type vehicles
  • Professional English-speaking instructor
  • Shooting range entrance fee
  • Rental of the axis for shooting
  • Basic pre-loaded ammunition (check packages below)
  • Noleggio di attrezzature
  • Protezione degli occhi e delle orecchie
  • Addetto alla sicurezza del poligono
  • Obiettivi di tiro

Pacchetti di ripresa

Below prices are calculated considering a minimum group size of 3 people.
For smaller groups, in the next step of the booking please check the box confirming the additional charge.

Upgrade your xperience to Rambo or Terminator Packages on the next step of your booking – additional services session.

Pacchetto base
33 EUR (20 bullets)
5 proiettili AK-47 Kalashnikov
5 proiettili Glock 17/19
5 proiettili Glauberyt (PM98)
5 proiettili KBKS Hammerli 22LR
Pacchetto Rambo
60 EUR (55 bullets)
10 bullets Sport gun
10 bullets Glock 17 gun
10 bullets Rifle AK 47 Kalashnikov
5 bullets Gun Colt 1911
5 bullets Shotgun
15 bullets Machine gun Glauberyt
Terminator Package
90 EUR (80 bullets)
10 bullets sports pistol
10 bullets sports rifle M-4
15 bullets Glock 17 pistol
10 bullets AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle
5 bullets revolver .357 Magnum
5 bullets shotgun
15 bullets machine pistol UZI
10 bullets rifle Beryl

Punto di partenza

Prelievo dall'hotel (servizio aggiuntivo); o
Nella sede dell'attività.

  • Sport gun
  • Glock 17 gun
  • Rifle AK 47 Kalashnikov
  • Shotgun
  • Revolver Magnum
  • Gun Colt 1911
  • Machine gun Glauberyt
  • Età minima: 18 anni
  • Presentarsi 15 minuti prima dell'orario di inizio dell'attività
  • For safety reasons, participants must not consume alcohol before this activity.
  • Anyone found to be under the influence before the activity has begun will not be permitted to take part and no refunds will be issued.

Stile viaggiatore

Avventuriero adrenalinico


2 – 3 hours


Tutto l'anno
Tuesday - Friday12:00-20:00