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Book our premium boat for a private rental to admire the charms of Wroclaw from a new perspective. The equipment of our catamaran guarantees comfort which is necessary to be able to rest and have fun. Get ready for a lot of it!

The boat can host maximum of 14 people on board.

The boat is equipped with a bar with cold drinks. If you are drinking, there is a toilet on board, equipped with a mirror and a washbasin.

Thanks to the leather sofas, you will be able to make yourself comfortable.

You can also use our grill (upon request so reach out to us), which is located at the stern of the vessel, so the smoke from it does not disturb anybody on board.

We have high-end audio-video equipment and the ability to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can play music to your liking, and if you want, even sing karaoke, the text of which is displayed on the TV installed on board.

LED lighting mounted on the catamaran adds character and prestige to it, you will not find another such elegant and modern unit in Wrocław!
We know that the weather likes to surprise and it is often not a pleasant surprise, weather conditions can change from hour to hour and on a warm, sunny day it can suddenly cool down and start raining. We are prepared for such surprises, so our boat is equipped with warm curtains from sides and Webasto heating system, there will also be blankets on board, so even the biggest colds are not going to be a challenge.

Punto di partenza

Przystań Uniwersytecka, Wrocław.

* The boat fits up to 14 people.

  • Bellissimi panorami di Wroclaw – La città dei ponti
  • Luxurious board design
  • Nice music
  • Alcohol and cold drinks – to order on the boat
  • Finger food- to order on the boat (upon request)
  • Let us know if you have a special request

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