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2023/24 @ Gorzko Gorzko Kraków のナイ。

Want something extra for New Year’s Eve and this time you are spending that special night in Krakow? This year Gorzko Gorzko is hosting a party in a…. WEDDING THEME! The DJ will also be the ringleader, there will be no shortage of bride and groom and wedding games, as well as a champagne reception, a country table with snacks (after all, it’s a must have for every wedding!), a wedding guest book and a photo booth. You have to admit – they really made an effort! Enter the New Year in Krakow with a dancing step at Gorzko Gorzko! What’s included? Available Upgrades: The basic price doesn’t include seat. […]

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Pope John Paul II will be the figure you will get to know a lot about during our Krakow Tour with a local guide


Most of the world knows one face of John Paul II – smiling and brave, changing the image of Catholic Church and political situation in Europe at the same time. This is the person that the entire world knows and adores. It is easy to forget that before he became all that, his name was Karol and he was just a teenager, coming from a small town where he was raised to Kraków to study. Interested in literature, he was sure that being a priest is not a choice for him. What made him change his mind? This tour will take you to the places in Kraków where he used […]

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Cementery is one of the places you will visit during the Jewish Krakow Tour


A Jewish world without Kazimierz would be as empty as a body without a soul. In a different time, in a different Kazimierz, one of the greatest Jewish scholars to ever life said: “the aim of man is to search for the cause and the meaning of things”. Let’s follow his advice and go deeper into the history of the Jewish presence in Kraków. Poland is a place where Polish Jews and Polish Catholics lived together side by side for generations. The Jews had been present in Poland and Kraków since the very beginning. Their population grew rapidly over time, thanks to the religious tolerance and social autonomy they were […]

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The time of the German occupation of Krakow is considered to be the most difficult period in the history of the city. It was a time of darkness but also a time of true heroes. A time of courage, fear, and betrayal, when even the simplest decision could bare grave consequences. A time that lives in us thanks to the stories of our parents and grandparents. On this tour, we will learn about the Nazi plans towards the Poles and understand how they repressed their victims. We will also talk about the citizens of Krakow and their attitudes towards the Germans. That’s true – Kraków didn’t have an uprising and […]

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Join our local guides in Krakow for a Macabre Tour getting to know really scary stories


Every city has its dark secrets and Kraków is not an exception. Come with us and we will tell you stories that are not told on any of our other trips… During the walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, you will hear about Krakow’s Lady In Black and other city’s ghosts and urban legends. You will find out about some of the instruments of penance used here in dark medieval times. Your blood will run cold when we will unveil the secrets around the executioner’s profession as you will have a chance to feel a hangman’s knot. At the gates of the monastery, you will hear a […]

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Street Art Tour of Krakow


Some people call it vandalism – we call it art! Have you ever stumbled on something on the wall of the building that you couldn’t explain while walking the streets of Kraków? Is there something that made you think, some stencil or graffiti on your way from your apartment to the tram stop? Would you like to know the story behind it? We know them all. Kraków is filled with bigger and smaller works of art, left by the street artist right in front of your eyes. Some of them are legal (like those of them that were part of the Grolsch Art Boom Festival), but some of them were […]

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Polish Folk Dances mean an original, rich and colourful experience for all those visiting Poland, especially Krakow – where the well-known national dance called Krakowiak comes from! Get to know polish folklore by participating in a traditional live dance show. Spend a lovely evening in a charming and unique “Morskie Oko” restaurant, where you can experience the highlander atmosphere. Thanks to the wooden décor, candlelight and the scent of wood burning in the fireplace, you will immediately feel like you are in Zakopane. ​​Your dinner will be accompanied by the private performance of a dancing couple – lively and beautiful choreography featuring traditional polish dances. You can just enjoy watching […]

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Are you looking for a new and exciting sport to try? Wakeboarding might be the perfect fit. You’ll get all of the necessary equipment, including a helmet, when you book this activty. You can also take public transport there if needed! Come and enjoy a new sport with your friends. Wake board is a type of water sports where you ride on a wakeboard that is connected to the automatic lift that takes you around the lake. The rider uses the rope or cable connected to the lift to pull themselves across the surface of the water in order for it to “wake” up (hence its name). It can be […]

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You are in a small group of up to 10 people and you want to party hard? Got yourself a great deal! A little party never killed nobody as the famous song goes on. Having a little fiesta in a private Party Bus in Krakow will make you enjoy the night even more. This night in Krakow will, for sure, make you remember Poland from a different perspective. Do you need to have additional alcohol organised? No worries – we’ve got you covered 🙂 Feel free to add as many more bottles as you wish. Just order it on the next step of your booking and we will take care […]

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Are you in a big group coming for a trip to Krakow and you are looking for an activity that can fit all of you and guarantee you have a great time! You’ve just found the right spot! You want to dance, party like there’s no tomorrow while rolling on the wheels of the pimped up vehicle. This is a great opportunity to show yourself and enjoy the time in Krakow. This is definitely a cool activity for a bachelor a bachelorette party in the capital of Małopolska (which is a region where Krakow is located). Something you have to know about this yellow school party bus is the fact […]

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