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Water Park Poznan offers an incredible day of amusement and enjoyment for all. With 16 stunning pools, 11 exciting water slides, a wave pool, jacuzzi, and more, our park is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a luxurious and unforgettable experience. Our park provides activities for both thrill-seekers and those seeking to unwind. Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and relax in one of our peaceful pools or enjoy the refreshing waves in our wave pool. Our jacuzzi is equipped with soothing jets to help you relax and rejuvenate. For the more adventurous, our water slides are the perfect way to get your adrenaline pumping. With […]

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Traditional Polish Pierogi Dinner in Poznan is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the rich flavors and culinary heritage of Poland. Polish cuisine is known for its hearty and comforting dishes that are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our set menu offers a tantalizing array of pierogis, a classic Polish dish made of dough filled with savory fillings. Choose from three different soup options to start your meal, each bursting with flavor and served hot. For your main course, savor the taste of our pierogis stuffed with meat and pork belly croutons or try the Russian-style pierogis filled with cheese or spinach. To accompany your meal, we offer […]

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Would you like to be taken to another world for a while? Pay a visit to the charming Island of Secrets. A great adventure awaits you in one of the best escape rooms in Poznań. You are an inhabitant of a small, unnamed island in the middle of the ocean. Sunshine, sandy beaches and the sound of waves… sounds perfect, doesn’t it? You are surrounded by other small islands inhabited by your family, friends and a chief whom you treat like a father. He is responsible for peace and order, you owe everything to him. One day, however, you start to feel as if he is hiding something from you. […]

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Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Would you like to exercise your brain, spend time actively and have tons of fun at the same time? Grab your friends or family and take part in an exciting game right in the middle of the city! The influential and growing city of Poznań has always been a target for spy agencies from all over Europe. Now is your chance to take control of it! You have been assigned to the mysterious Project X. Beware – the city is heavily guarded and its inhabitants are very stubborn, for sure they won’t give it up so easily. Gather your team and become special envoys of […]

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That’s a must for all of your beer lovers out there. Especially now, when you are planning to visit a new country – Poland, you can’t go wrong with tasting some of the local craft specialities. Each and every country has it’s own kind of beer and Poland has been experimenting more and more with crafts. Besides that, you will get to know the local beer production here around Poznan and beers that are famous for locals around Poland. You will be joined by our beer expert who will guide you through this tasting experience in a special cared way. Our English-speaking local will tell you all the stories of […]

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If you can’t meet your friends for a destination hen party experience, book it right now online and enjoy the trending virtual hen party at your home – wherever you are! What’s included in the Hen Box? We can arrange our event coordinator to join you girls for the evening to help connect you online, fit into the atmosphere of the event and guide you through the games making sure everything goes as planned 🙂 The price of the box doesn’t include the shipping cost.

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Party bus Poznan is designed to host up to 40 guests, a great option for birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events or anniversaries. The Party bus is equipped with a high-end professional sound system, karaoke sets, game console, LCD TV, a dance floor, refrigerators, ice and a dance pole. The basis for the interior design of the party bus is usually light effects, based on modern LED panels and lasers, comfortable armchairs and a dance floor. In many models, you will also find a place for the DJ and a VIP zone with leather sofas in the back of the bus. That is a perfect mobile party! English double-decker buses are […]

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If you are looking for a great group activity for a team building in Poznan


Airsoft Poznan consists in a team battle with the use of replicas, guaranteeing the highest possible realism. The basic idea of the Airsoft Game is to hit the opponent with a 6mm bullet, fired from a professional ASG replica without getting yourself hit. A shot in any part of the body, clothes or gear eliminates the player temporarily from further the game (as we can not shoot, speak, etc.), but despite the high dose of adrenaline, is 100% safe. The opportunity to feel the emotions of the battlefield combined with great fun has already convinced millions of players from around the world. The game lasts about 4 hours, during which […]

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アーチェリータグ ポズナン

Archery Tag Poznan is a perfect activity for a nice afternoon with friends, as well as a team-building activity for a corporate event or a birthday. The Archery Tag game is a fun combination of archery and the famous paintball. Players, using bows and special soft-shot arrows, play selected scenarios and variants of the game on a closed territory. It can be organized in an indoor or outdoor sports hall. Archery Tag is often combined with our favorite Bubble Football, as those two together make a great plan for a whole day during a trip to Poland. Following up a bow-shooting tutorial along with safety and game rules training, you […]

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Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football, Bumper Ball or whatever you want to call it… The game is simple, the rules are simple and the excitement is insane. Using an inflatable zorb-like bubble, you and your mates can smash into one another and find yourselves literally rolling away from the ball, bouncing around, laughing and making others laugh. You can have fun together with each participants having their own inflatable bubble (maximum 10 at one time) – you can take turns if your group is larger than this – field at your disposal and a referee taking care of everything 😉 Bubble Soccer is ideal for Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Sports Tournaments, […]

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