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Discovering the Beauty of Poland: A Guide to the Must-See Attractions in Krakow

Poland is a country rich in beauty, wonder, and history, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking new adventures. The city of Krakow is a prime example of this, with a plethora of must-see attractions that offer a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage. From the iconic Wawel Castle to the serene Royal Łazienki Park, Krakow has something for everyone. One must-visit attraction in Krakow is the Cloth Hall, a stunning example of Gothic architecture that dates back to the 13th century. St. Mary’s Basilica is another breathtaking landmark, showcasing the country’s brick Gothic architecture and standing as one of the largest brick churches in the world. For those […]


A Drunk’s Brief History of Polish Vodka

“Just drink it,” my friend Rafal said, “it’s just water.” I took a sip from the water bottle and immediately spit it out. “Dude that’s not water, it’s vodka!” I exclaimed. “Well, technically, vodka does mean ‘small water’, so I wasn’t lying”, he quipped. Almost everyone who drinks vodka has a love-hate relationship with it; most of us will say we hate how much we love it. Vodka is responsible for a lot of Polish national pride, a good chunk of Poland’s export economy, and that annoying kid that lives down the street whose parents hate each other. But there’s more to love about vodka outside of the imaginary superpowers […]


5 Reasons Why The Polish Language is So Hard

  “We have his birthday party on Saturday. Do you want to come?,” asked the mother of my 7-year-old student. I’d long heard and was soon about to experience that learning the Polish language was a really difficult task, especially for native English speakers. But I’d also heard that Poles always appreciate it when you try to speak it. So being the people pleaser that I am, I loaded up Google Translate, typed in “Yes. I am excited,” and gave it my best shot. “Tak. Jestem podniecony.” I replied with a smile. There are only a few looks of horrified expressions in this world that can tell you you’ve just […]