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The 10 Best Craft Beer Bars in Warsaw

Poland has become the latest area in the world to see the powder-keg of the craft beer revolution explode in recent years. Warsaw has particularly welcomed the barrage of barrel aged ales and lagers with open arms. The city boasts over a whopping 25 craft beer bars within its borders and isn’t shy when it comes to showing off the craft of the country at its craft beer festival held every spring and fall. But don’t just take our word for it. Pour into some of the bars listed below when you visit Warsaw with a guided craft beer tour and get all the foamy goodness you can drink! With […]

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10 Ways Warsaw Will Completely Surprise You

One year ago, I made an incredibly spontaneous decision to move from my picturesque, movie-worthy, Los Angeles beach city of Palos Verdes, California to the unknown, “borderline-Eastern European ” (as we Americans think) city of Warsaw, Poland. Life was decent in good old, sunny Los Angeles: I was your typical, very basic California girl. I woke up at 5am every morning to work out, went to work, and ended my day with a swim or yoga. A natural-born foodie and craft beer & wine lover, I checked out the latest and greatest spots all over LA on the reg. Life was decent, not much to complain about: but I was […]

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8 Reasons to Spend New Year’s in Poland

Ahhhh… New Year’s Eve. The final evening to what has either been an incredible and fabulous OR dreadful and awful year. Oh and the promise of what 2020 can bring; the anticipation! As a decently well-traveled, Los Angeles native, now-living-in-Europe, social butterfly, I annually endure the age-old question: “Oh my God… how can I top last year’s NYE?” Never fear friends, I have the answer and it lies in the Central European country of Poland! Here’s 8 reasons why you absolutely have to spend your NYE in Poland! Krakow Old Town. Photo by: Hans Kool 1) The Poles Know How To Party As an American, I really thought I knew […]

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