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Gdańsk is an upcoming city in the north of Poland which is visited every year by more and more international travelers. The proximity of water and beach makes it uniquely special for those expecting to enjoy holidays in the sun. The Old Town of Gdansk is a magical and nearby area is famous for being part of the Solidarność movement which with few other events in this part of Europe became the turning point in the modern history of Europe. If you would like to know interesting stories about Gdańsk but don’t really want to have a regular walking tour, then our Segway Gdańsk Old Town tour is definitely something […]



Join the movement of the axe throwing enthusiasts! This original way of spending time became a true hit in North America and it’s already happening in Poland. We want to bring this ancient form of entertainment back to its heyday and the only one who can help us with making that happen is you! You thought bowling was fun? Think again! There isn’t a more satisfying feeling than getting that sharp piece of steel to stick into raw wood. Our professional AXEperts will get you throwing like a true Polish ‘górol’ in no time. There are awards to be won and ludicrous amounts of testosterone-driven fun to be had at […]



Discover a new way of sightseeing. Take part in this exciting 2-hour game where your goal will be to find as many dwarves as possible. All 300 of them hidden everywhere around Wrocław. There will be some rules, but can you catch them all? 🙂 Your local friend will meet you in the centrally located point where all the participants will meet. From there they will introduce to you the rules of the game. After some short info, you will be handed items to use throughout the game (don’t forget to use them!). After a specific amount of time, all the participants will meet in the designated place to sum […]



ケーブルウェイクボード ヴロツワフ

Wakeboard is a young sports discipline that conquers the world and gains popularity in Europe each day more. Wake is extreme and, at the same time, easy to learn. Try to keep the balance flowing on a wakeboard pulled on the water on a special lift or use the rope and tension to perform spectacular maneuvers, somersaults and many other tricks at speeds up to 50 km/h! The instructors will help you choose the equipment and take your first steps on the board. Ready for an exciting ride? Transparent clear water, sky, sun and of course a board – the Wakeboarding world is open to you! Wakeboarding is a great […]


ワルシャワの「Amphibian Drive Cover

両生類 野生の航海 ワルシャワ





その男は、昔から空を飛ぶことを夢みていた。古くから、あるいはもっと前から、空を飛ぶことができる人間の伝説があった!幸いなことに、鳥のように空を飛ぶことができる発明品が存在します。パラシュート、バンジージャンプ、スカイダイビング...これらのスポーツはどれも極上の楽しみを提供してくれますが、同時に膨大な準備が必要です。しかし、「空は無限だ」と実感できる安全なスポーツ、それが「垂直風洞・屋内スカイダイビング」です。ポーランドで唯一の可動式垂直風洞は、あなたを空 [...] にいるような気分にさせてくれます。



クラフトビール試飲会 ヴロツワフ

If you are a beer lover – just like many of us – this is the unique opportunity to taste the locally produced craft beers. You will gain an insight into how beer is made in a small brewery located in the undergrounds of the centrally located restaurant. During this 1-hour experience you and your friends will enjoy 6 different beer styles. To name a few, there will be IPA, ales, weizen or lager. Our brewer will explain the production process in English and give you a few hints on how to properly taste the beer served. Get ready for an interesting and chill time. It’s a perfect choice as […]



The activity takes place at a Poznan shooting range with experienced English speaking and dedicated instructors taking care of you, making sure you learn the skills fast and the whole activity is performed in a safe environment. We invite you to this unique shooting range in Poznan, where experienced instructors, dedicated to their passion of shooting guns, will introduce you to the world of the cold steel of weapons, gunpowder smell and adrenalin pumping in your veins! Unforgettable experiences will be provided by a wide range of weapons. From older and newer handguns, through shotguns and rifles all the way to the famous AK-47. There is even the famous Dirty […]



Welcome to the exciting world of gun shooting in Wroclaw! Our range offers you the opportunity to experience the thrill of firing a gun in a safe and controlled environment. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a first-timer, our range has something to offer for everyone. The entrance fee to our gun shooting range is included in the package. You will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities and the latest firearms, ensuring a memorable experience for all. Included in the gun shooting in Wroclaw package is the basic pre-loaded ammunition, so you can start shooting right away. There’s no need to worry about purchasing additional ammunition, just bring yourself and […]




Krakow is a beautiful town with amazing architecture and impressive history. This magical city has always attracted a massive number of tourists. No wonder, there is always something to see in a place like this. If it’s your first visit or if you’ve been here before, you can always get to know new facts about its history, places and the city itself. The Segway Tour is a wonderful option for anyone who would like to learn more about the interesting history of this city, as well as hear extraordinary legends and stories about it, while riding around on a cool whip. Krakow Center is fully equipped with interesting historical attractions […]