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Rent a cadillac limousine for a stag party or bachelorette weekend in Krakow


If you are staying just for a short time in Krakow, make sure that every night you will spend here will be as memorable as possible. Don’t let yourself hanging around with no purpose. If you want to enjoy a night out with your friends in Krakow in a nice classy way as a VIP, […]

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You can't leave Poland without trying out the purest form of vodka on our vodka tasting tour in Warsaw, Poland


We will take you on an evening experience through the world of Polish vodkas. We will have a sit down at one of the shot bars as these venues (being very popular among locals) bring people together over small glasses of strong alcohol, which inevitably lead to profound conversation. You will taste different kinds of […]

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Imagine this: a shooting range, all in the heart of Krakow where modernity connects with tradition. You’re welcome to come and try it out for yourself! We invite you to this unique shooting range in Krakow, where experienced, specially trained instructors, dedicated to their passion for shooting guns, will introduce you to the world of […]

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Free entrance to the club with Pub Crawl Krakow


The local Pub Crawl in Krakow begins with a seemingly innocent brightly colored wristband which is your ticket to the vodka train. At the start, you can expect the famous 1 hour of the real Unlimited Drinks (trust us – they are really Unlimited!), and you can consider it the Rocket Fuel for the fun […]

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Peintbols ir lielisks veids, kā pavadīt vecpuišu nedēļas nogali Varšavā


In this activity, you’ll get a chance to enjoy with your fiends an outdoor activity venue specilized in the paintball activity. It’s located close to the Old Town Krakow and you will be able to live out your wildest fantasies about injuring your friends for all the times they deserved it, without actually hurting them. […]

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Šis ir lētākais Go Karting Krakovā, tāpēc labāk ātri rezervējiet to savam vecpuišu ballītei Krakovā.


Does embarrassing your friends with the skills you possess, all while riding around in a small car sound like fun to you? Well, then you really should indulge in great indoor fun with your mates, try to win with them in a group go-kart racing contest and show who is the real master of the […]

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Bump into your friends on the bubble football


Bubble Football Krakow is an innovative form of entertainment for people who like good fun! The game is simple, the rules are simple and the excitement is insanely full. Using an inflatable zorb-like bubble, you and your mates can smash into one another and find yourself literally rolling away from the ball, bouncing around, laughing […]

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Do you want to feel like a computer game hero?! Often described as laser paintball, Laser Tags doesn’t involve painful and dirty balls like in classic paintball but is equally fun and challenging! Before entering the arena, each player is equipped with a vest and a weapon. Both weapons and vests have sensors in them […]

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Privāts transfērs no Balice lidostas Krakovas lidostā


If you are looking for a reliable and cheap private airport transfer in Krakow, then you have found the right one! You can book the transportation service from/to Balice airport with us and get a door-to-door experience. The transfer is provided by comfortable cars and minivans driven by experienced English-speaking drivers. You can get on […]

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