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7 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List by Visiting Poland

Poland is the perfect Eastern European destination. Cheap flights there and a low cost of living means that for many people, spending a long weekend here is probably cheaper than it would have been at home! There are also cool vacation rentals, which means a place to stay is not a huge problem. However, you’re […]

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Allehelgensdag i Polen | Hvordan polakker feirer 1. november

Hvis du bestemmer deg for å besøke en hvilken som helst kirkegård i Polen i begynnelsen av november, vil du sikkert bli overrasket over å se at den er fullt opplyst med tusenvis av lys og dekorert med tonnevis med blomster av alle slag (men for det meste krysantemumene). Dette er alt på grunn av Allehelgensdag, en polsk […]

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Summer in Warsaw | Things You Can Do Only in Summer

The weather in Poland tends to get extreme. +35 Celsius degrees in summer, minus 25 Celsius degrees in winter… sounds pretty normal and usual to any Polish person. Summer in Poland holds one great advantage for all travelers: the days are veeery long, which means more time to discover the wonders of the country during […]

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A Drunk’s Brief History of Polish Vodka

“Just drink it,” my friend Rafal said, “it’s just water.” I took a sip from the water bottle and immediately spit it out. “Dude that’s not water, it’s vodka!” I exclaimed. “Well, technically, vodka does mean ‘small water’, so I wasn’t lying”, he quipped. Almost everyone who drinks vodka has a love-hate relationship with it; […]

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