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Zurek is the best polish soup!
Schab is a typical meat you can find in any restaurant in Poland
Barszcz (Borsch) can be served both cold and warm
Get the insider tips from the local polish cuisine chef
Interiors of our local restaurant in Gdansk
Awesome soups to taste while in Gdansk


What is pure pleasure in life? It may be many answers, but delicious food is the best definition of happiness for many people! And is there a better way to discover a new culture than tasting typical dishes? Xperience Poland in the best traditional restaurant in Gdansk!

The eclectic Polish cuisine was influenced during centuries by many nations and ethnic groups, what in effect gives it a very tasty and unique combination of flavors.

On the Polish dinner, we would like to take you on a surprising journey through flavors, nonobvious ingredients combinations and stories.

Polish cuisine is mostly regional, based on groats, meat (a lot of meat), forest mushrooms, sour flavor (for example sour cabbage and żurek) and aromatic thick sauces. Bigos, for example, started to be served in the 15th century, as a nutritious meal after hunting or sleigh ride in the winter. The flavor evolved with each housewife having her own recipe for this dish, forwarded in secret through generations 🙂

We would like to present you a 3-course menu in this Polish Dinner. You can choose an appetizer or soup, a solid main course and a delicious dessert.

Voilà, each Polish grandma would be proud to serve it on a typical Sunday dinner 🙂

Grandma’s certificate (Menu 1):

  • Soup or Starter: (Choice of one of the following)
    • Potato pancakes with tomato and pepper sauce
    • Chicken soup (broth) with noodles
    • Herring fillet in olive oil with pepper and onion
    • Whole tomato soup with noodles
    • Cucumber soup
    • Homemade pork pâté with cranberry sauce
    • Cream of potato soup with grilled bacon
    • Sliced roast chicken breast on lettuce leaves
  • Main course: (Choice of one of the following)
    • Pork ham in hunter’s sauce, served with boiled potatoes and raw vegetable salad
    • Braised cod fillet served on dill sauce with boiled potatoes and raw vegetable salad
    • Roast shoulder of pork with marjoram and garlic sauce, served with roast potatoes and fried cabbage
    • Braised chicken breast with champignon mushroom sauce, served with seasonal vegetables
    • Oven-roasted Baltic herrings with caper and bell pepper sauce and seasonal vegetables
    • Pork and vegetable goulash served with boiled potatoes
    • Chicken breast pouch with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes served with dill sauce and boiled potatoes
  • Dessert: (Choice of one of the following)
    • Homemade apple pie
    • Mousse made from seasonal fruits served with yoghurt
  • A drink: Wine/Beer


Hotellhenting (tilleggstjeneste); eller
At the restaurant in Gdańsk, Old Town

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  • Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off (additional service)

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