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Do you like being scared? Do you like games? Then, Horror House Krakow is for you. These folks take their job way too seriously.

Do you want to prove that you won’t fail? That you will never let your group down? That no matter what, you will never turn your back on them? And most of all, that you will manage to help them to get out of this cursed place?

Will you manage to defeat your fear, give the others your only torch and allow them to escape, while you are stuck in a dark room? See how fear really looks like, when you and your friends witness complete impenetrable darkness and all you will be able to hear is constant wheeze and derisive laughter. The creature from the depths of hell is desperate to stop you from completing your journey. In order to survive, you will have to complete a seemingly simple task, but all your attention will be called to the dark creature, ready to jump on you at any time. It is time to choose your leader now, but remember – you will only survive if you are working together!

If you buy the regular ticket in a group up to 4 people there might be strangers joining the group. For exclusive rental, the price per person is 14 EUR. This upgrade can be selected on the next step of your booking.

Hva er inkludert?

  • 30 minutes walk through an interactive horror maze
  • Actors, animators and scary effects
  • 2 options of the show to choose from: Regular and Hard
  • The staff will explain the difference between the options and then the whole group decides how much fear and adrenaline they want to feel


Facility is located right next to the Krakow Old Town

* Minimum of 2 people per booking

  • Please note that those suffering from claustrophobia, arachnophobia, darkness anxiety, epilepsy, sensitivity to quickly changing brightness level intensity (flashing light) should not participate in the interactive shows – in case of participating, one do it at one’s own risk and the Horror House does not take responsibility for any negative effects one might experience.
  • The minimum number of souls to take part in the show is 2 and maximum group size of 6 people

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30 minutter


Hele året
Monday to Friday4pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday12pm - 10pm

The last group always enters at 21:30. Reservations are every 30 mins (16:00, 16:30 etc.)