Cracóvia, Polônia
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Bachelor party at our vodka tasting tour in Warsaw


We will take you on an evening experience through the world of Polish vodkas. We will have a sit down at one of the shot bars as these venues (being very popular among locals) bring people together over small glasses of strong alcohol, which inevitably lead to profound conversation. You will taste different kinds of vodka and a platter of Polish drinking snacks to soak up the alcohol! This cultural experience will connect you closer to the local heritage and enrich you with the knowledge of our country’s favorite alcohol.

During the tour, you will have a nice sit down at a cool local bar and our Vodka Expert will share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. Your local friend will introduce to you the interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out  7 of the best types from our selection. Along with your drinks, you will get to try a few Polish snacks that we Poles fill our stomachs with while enjoying our beloved alcohol.

Join our Vodka Tasting in Krakow and discover the wonderful world of Polish vodka!

Hva er inkludert?

  • Morsom og vennlig lokal vodka -ekspert
  • 7 vodka shots at a local bar
  • Platter of Polish food snacks
  • Brief history of vodka production and traditions
  • Recommendation for nightlife spots


Hotel pickup or meeting point at the Old Town (Scheduled after the booking)

* Join regular tasting (min. 1 person) or book privately (min. 4)

  • Minste drikkealder er 18
  • Available for private groups

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1,5 hours


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Mandag - lørdag4 PM
Sundays7 PM
Hver dagPrivate - Upon scheduling