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Archery Tag is a game where instead of markers and paintballs, we use bows and special foam-tipped arrows. You probably heard of this game really similar to paintball, but all about archery. Shooting at each other is entirely safe and more important, pure fun!
Our instructor will explain to you the rules of the games and after following up this bow-shooting tutorial along with safety, you will be divided into 3-8 players teams competing against each other in various game modes. The teams play on their own pitch sides, which are divided by a safety zone. During the game, each player may hide behind inflated balloons or behind natural obstacles like trees, hills and other players 🙂 Depending on the weather, the game can take place outside on a grass pitch, indoors (usually during winter for an additional fee), at the beach, and even on the water.

Archery Tag is a world-famous phenomenon proven to be a great alternative to other well-known group activities, so be ready for the kick of adrenaline!

If you are coming to Warsaw during the summer, check our Beach or Water Archery Tag.

Wat zit er in?

  • 90 minutes of gameplay
  • Play in the open field (indoor option available for an additional fee)
  • Archery gear (bow, mask, forearm protection, arrows, obstacles)
  • Boogschieten en veiligheidstraining
  • English speaking referees, who lead the game
  • Onbeperkt aantal pijlen (herbruikbaar)


Ophaalservice bij het hotel (extra service); of
Op de locatie van de activiteit.

  • Geraakt worden met de pijl is merkbaar, maar doet geen pijn.
  • Archery Tag garandeert veel plezier, ongeacht de leeftijd van de speler (min. 14)
  • We gebruiken geen verf of speciale kleding. Basis sportkleding wordt aanbevolen
  • Je hoeft geen boogschiet ervaring te hebben - wij leren je de basis
  • You can enjoy a variety of game scenarios and play modes
  • Zorg dat je 15 minuten voor aanvang van de activiteit aanwezig bent
  • Recommended group size is between 6 and 16 people
  • During winter, it is possible to have it indoors for an additional fee
  • For smaller or larger groups, contact met ons opnemen
  • Transfer to the activity is not included (which can be added on the next step of the booking)


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