Śródmieście, Gdańsk, Poland
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Onze lokale gids neemt u mee op een avontuur rond het begin van de Poolse kapitalistische geschiedenis naar het Solidariteitscentrum in Gdansk. Een privé-tour zal alles uitleggen.


Discover with us the beautiful city of Gdansk, shaped through centuries by wealthy merchants who came here from all corners of Europe to form the city’s cosmopolitan character.
The city of Gdańsk, perfectly situated by the Baltic coast, once became one of the most important trading centers in Central Europe, providing almost entire Europe with grain and something more sophisticated and desired since the ancient times – amber. For centuries it was a place where German and Polish influence met, and the German discipline was mingled with the Polish rebellious soul. Now, for both nations, it is a city of great importance, both historically and culturally. Birthplace of two famous scholars and one movement that forever changed the face of the world: Daniel Fahrenheit, Arthur Schopenhauer and Solidarity movement. Rich, culturally developed and independent, among the Polish people it is known mostly as the city of beginnings: the beginning of the II World War and, exactly 50 years later, beginning of the end of communism.


Guide pick-up (any location in Gdansk city center)
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* This private tour is designed for a group of minimum 7 people. Please inquire for smaller groups.

You will walk through the cobbled streets of the old town, surrounded by elegant, slender buildings with charming terraces. You will visit monstrous St. Mary’s church – the largest brick church in the world, you will also see the city’s symbol – the largest medieval crane in Europe, once moved by the power of human muscle. You will listen to the stories of great ideas shaped in Gdansk and muse over dramatic war and communist time events.
  • This private tour is designed for a group of minimum 7 people. For smaller groups, please inquire at
  • The tour is also available in Italian and Spanish




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