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Vrijgezellenfeest op onze wodka proeverij tour in Warschau


Want to have the ultimate local experience in Warsaw? Join our Vodka Xperience and discover briefly what the different vodka styles are and see yourself which vodka do you love the most!

Have you ever wondered how vodka is actually made and what different types of vodka represent? Maybe you haven’t been a fan? That’s because maybe you are not familiar with the interesting stories that different brands hold in them. Regardless of the fact if you love vodka or not, we are here to make you fall in love with it. During our a bit over 1,5-hour vodka tasting session, you will try 6 different types of Polish vodka while learning about the history of the country’s preferred beverage with one of our amazing Vodka Xperts. The whole Xperience will take part in a centrally located venue famous for this kind of tastings. Alongside with the drinks, you will enjoy as well a small snack which we Poles usually have our vodka with. Get ready for a lot of fun, amazing stories and time well spent.

Don’t forget to add our Vodka Xperience to your list of things to do in the Polish capital!

Wat zit er in?

  • Fun & friendly local Vodka Xpert
  • 6 shots of traditional Polish vodka at one local venue
  • 3 typical Polish appetizers that go amazingly with vodka (+stories about them)
  • Water to enjoy the tasting even more (and longer!)
  • Introduction to the history of vodka and its production
  • Mind-blowing stories from communist times!
  • Fun facts & interesting stories


Een bar in het centrum van Warschau (bevestigd na de boeking)

*Private tours are available every day anytime between 13:00 and 18:00. (Minimum group of 2 people per booking)

Prijslijst voor privérondleidingen
 2 – 3 people € 49 per persoon
 4 – 8 personen € 39 per persoon
 9+ personen € 29 per person

Minimum number of people to run this xperience is 2. Please remember about about adding the surplus in the next step of the booking for groups smaller than 9 people.

This insightful tour gives you the chance to taste 6 types of Polish vodkas with a small plate of appetizers to enjoy the vodka with. You will get to know the ins and outs of the proper vodka tasting and also learn about the history of the country’s preferred beverage. Our Vodka Xpert will keep you entertained with the stories from the communist times in Poland.
  • Minimale drinkleeftijd is 18
  • The regular price is 33 EUR. Book online to save 3 EUR!!
  • A minimum of 2 people per booking is required for Private Tours
  • Als we 24 uur voor de tour niet het minimum hebben, zullen we je een alternatieve tijd/datum/tour geven. Als we niets geschikts voor je kunnen vinden, zijn we genoodzaakt de tour te annuleren en je een volledige terugbetaling te geven - sorry!
  • Extra drankjes (beschikbaar voor aankoop)
  • Ophalen/afzetten bij hotel




90 min


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