Kalwaryjska 26, 31-127 Kraków, Polônia
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Geniet van een avond met vrienden of teamgenoten en boek deze geweldige whiskyproeverij in Krakau


Our exclusive venue located next to the famous Kazimierz district is a place that combines a pub with high-quality liquor and a restaurant serving delicious and nutritious dinner sets. The place welcomes you to the exclusive world of the noblest liquors from the realm of alcohol. Whisky – the drink for real men (and nowadays loved by women) and appreciated for thousands of years. This tasting activity can be organized for companies, team building events, conferences, and private banquets. During the tasting evening, we familiarize you with this precious liquor – taste, history, rules of tasting and serving. You will learn how to choose alcohol in a restaurant and what type of whisky to buy as a gift for your connoisseur friends. Each of the packages includes tasting 5 types of whisky, water, a board of specially selected chocolates and full attention of our Whisky Expert. The Whisky Tasting is the perfect occasion to spend an evening with friends. Choose one of our packages listed below or, if you prefer wine, you can also check out our Wine Tasting in Krakow.
Hieronder vindt u informatie over de beschikbare aanbiedingen en wat elk pakket omvat:

Wat zit er in?

Fresh Taster Whisky Package
  • What & Mackay Special
  • Dalmore 12 YO
  • Glenfiddich 12 YO
  • Cardhu 12 YO
  • Jura Superstition
Laphroaig & Friends Package
  • Ardmore Legacy
  • Kilbegan 8 YO
  • Conemara
  • Laphroaig Select
  • Laphroaig 10 YO
Bourbon Legends Package
  • Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Jim Beam Devil’s Cut
  • Basil Hayden’s
  • Baker’s
  • Booker’s
You will also be enjoying the selection of chocolates to go with the Whiskeys: 90%, 70%, 60%, Flavoured with chilli and one with sea salt.

Prijs (per persoon)

Fresh Taster Whisky Package35 EUR
Laphroaig & Friends Package40 EUR
Bourbon Legends Package45 EUR


Stylish restaurant dedicated to tastings located just next to Kazimierz District.

* A minimum of 3 people per booking is required

  • Minimale drinkleeftijd is 18
  • A minimum of 2 people per booking is required




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