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Archery Tag Krakow is a new recreational game, in mechanics similar to paintball or dodgeball, but it’s all about archery. Instead of markers and paintballs, we use bows and special foam-tipped arrows.  Thanks to it, shooting at each other is entirely safe and more important, pure fun!
Following up a bow-shooting tutorial along with safety and game rules training, you will be divided into 4-10 players teams competing against each other in various game modes. The teams play on their own pitch sides, which are divided by a safety zone. During the game, each player may hide behind inflated balloons (3 for each team). Depending on the weather, the games take place outside on a grass pitch, or indoors.

Prepararemos o equipamento para você, ensinaremos como utilizá-lo juntamente com dicas e técnicas de tiro. A diversão é completada com um árbitro e um animador de eventos.

Archery Tag is a world phenomenon proven to be a great alternative to well-known group activities, so be ready for the kick of adrenaline!

O que está incluído?

  • 90 minutos of gameplay
  • Pitch rental
  • Archery gear (bow, mask, armguard, arrows, balloons)
  • Archery and safety training
  • 1-2 English speaking referees, who lead the game
  • Unlimited arrows (reusable)

Ponto de partida

Recolha no hotel (serviço adicional); ou
In the location of the activity: ul. Skośna (on summer)

* Groups up to 20 people

  • Getting hit with the arrow is noticeable, but doesn’t hurt
  • Archery Tag guarantees lots of fun independently of the player’s age (min. 14)
  • We don’t use paint or any special clothing. Basic sports outfit is recommended
  • You don’t need any archery experience – we will teach you the basics
  • You can enjoy a variety of game scenarios and playmodes
  • Esteja lá 15 minutos antes do horário de início da atividade
  • Recommended group size is between 8 and 20 people
  • For smaller groups, contact us
  • A transferência para a atividade não está incluída (que pode ser acrescentada na próxima etapa de nossa reserva)

Estilo de viajante

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