Zegrze, Poland
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Experiência de Flyboarding em Varsóvia
Sunset flyboard at Jezioro Zegrzynskie
Going crazy during flyboad experiencec in Warsaw
20 minutes fun with flyboard at Warsaw


Based on a lake 30 km away from Warsaw city center, participants can dip, duck and dive in the air and through the water with jets enabling their propulsion, using tilting skills akin to those of skiing and snowboarding. Air acrobatics continue for 20 minutes with flyboarders clad in a dry suit and safety equipment for protection. You get for your disposal GoPro 4 camera to record all of your experience swimming like a dolphin or flying like an Ironman.

The lake itself is an attraction that lets you enjoy sun rays on a good day with easy access to the beach with sand where you and your friends can chill out before or after the Flyboarding experience.

O que está incluído?

  • Rental of Flyboard
  • Helmet
  • Life Vest
  • Foam
  • GoPro Movie

Ponto de partida

Zegrze Lake

The lake where Flyboarding is provided is located half-hour trip away from the Warsaw city center. If you want to add transport to this booking, you can do it through the booking page in the next step of the booking process.
  • Esteja lá 15 minutos antes do horário de início da atividade
  • Por razões de segurança, o comportamento embriagado não será tolerado

Estilo de viajante



20 minutos


May 2020 to October 2020
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