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Experimente durante o Food Tour em Cracóvia com um guia local


Polish cuisine is much more than pierogis (our famous dumplings) at a Bar Mleczny!

If you ask random Polish people about traditional Polish meals, they may bomb you with all the delicious food you can find in Poland. The sorts of food we consume and the ways we prepare and eat them can tell you many things about the history of our country and us Poles.

Take a chance to soak up the history of Polish food and eating habits. Amaze your Polish friends with the knowledge and tastes you’ll discover. We will take you back to the roots of Polish cuisine, which, like Polish history, are very diverse and complex.

Try some of the best soups and kielbasa, sour pickles straight from a wooden barrel; learn why the most popular pierogi are called Russian pierogi and why good bigos (hunter’s stew) needs to wait for a week or more before you eat it. And don’t worry: the sweet part of the tour awaits you too! And the food samples are included in the price!

Is your mouth watering yet? Do you need more teasers? We believe these are rhetorical questions…

*Tasting menu can be different depending on what will be available on the day of the tour.

Ponto de partida

Between St. Florian’s Gate and the Barbican.

* Price is per person (Only groups up to 7 participants)
Para grupos de mais de 7 participantes, oferecemos passeios privados

  • Please book in advance to ensure your spot
  • Este passeio é projetado para viajantes individuais e pequenos grupos de até 7 participantes. No melhor interesse de nossos visitantes, nosso objetivo é manter nossos grupos relativamente pequenos. Para garantir passeios confortáveis e eficazes, NÃO aceitamos grupos de mais de 7 pessoas em nossos passeios regulares.
  • Para grupos maiores, oferecemos passeios privados. Contacte-nos em friends@xperiencepoland.com Para maiores informações.

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Março a outubro
2a. A 6a 1.30 PM
Sat 10.30 AM
Todos os dias A pedido (grupos privados)
November to February
Mon & Fri 1.30 PM
Sat 10.30 AM
Todos os dias A pedido (grupos privados)