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Do you want to have the fun of a Stag party without losing any of your soldiers? Are you dying for a bachelor party but your crazy friends are too immature for getting married? Do you need a cover story so your beloved ones will give you a weekend free pass?

We can help you organize your party without hassle. We can create a perfect cover story that can be adapted according to the group, e-mails exchange, WhatsApp/Facebook group with the trip itinerary, fake photos from university, name them. Everybody will trust you have a bachelor party to attend.

Book your weekend of freedom and guarantee a blast.

Why would I rent a stag?

  • Perfect cover story that can be adapted according to the group
  • Alibi for the Weekend in Warsaw
  • Girls love to comfort the lonely single best man
  • Engage in funny challanges with local strangers using the story of your new buddy
  • Our groom will know all the best spots and can take you there
  • You will also get a personal translator at the bars in Warsaw
  • Don’t be ashamed of booking any kind of crazy “surprise” to the stag, because now you have an extra reason for that (strip show, limo quest, pub crawls)

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What is included in Rent a Stag?

  • Fake Stag
  • Cover Story for gitlfriends back home and local strangers
  • One photo from university times / weekend out to prove the long friendship
  • E-mail exchange / WhatsApp or Facebook group with the details of the trip
  • 4 hours of the Stag in Warsaw joining a chosen activity

Possible Upgrades (not included)

  • Stag joining other fun activities
  • 48 hours full support
  • Surprise trip to your country to invite for the bachelor party
  • Cardboard in real size for the activities he is not joining
  • Fake wedding website with the photos of the “groom to be” and the fake dates

Ponto de partida

It depends on the chosen activity

* Price per stag (any group size)

Estilo de viajante

Animal de festa


4 horas


Todo o ano
Todos os dias Flexible (latest at 10pm)