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Enjoy the capital of Poland from a different perspective! offers many different boat rental options. Both the regular open tours that anybody can join as well as private rentals for special interest groups (company events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthday etc.).

Embark on a maritime journey like no other in the historic city of Gdansk. With its sprawling coastline, bustling port, and rich maritime history, Gdansk offers unparalleled boat and cruise experiences for every kind of traveler. Navigate through the intricate waterways of the Motlawa River and discover the secrets of the Baltic Sea. Our comprehensive guide to top boats and cruises in Gdansk will take you from the age-old shipyards to modern yachts, revealing the city’s ever-evolving relationship with the sea.

Whether you’re a solo explorer seeking an intimate river cruise, a couple yearning for a romantic sunset sail, a family eager for an educational excursion, or a larger group planning a celebratory voyage, Gdansk’s waters promise memories that last a lifetime. Indulge in a luxurious yacht experience or feel the charm of traditional Polish boats as you float past iconic landmarks such as the Crane, Gdansk’s shipbuilding heritage, and centuries-old granaries.

Seasonal adventures await as well, from serene springtime sails to vibrant summer festivities on deck. And don’t let the colder months deter you; winter cruises offer a magical perspective of Gdansk’s snow-kissed landscapes. Ensure you’re well-prepared with our up-to-date weather advisories and top recommendations, ensuring your nautical journey in Gdansk is both safe and unforgettable.

Book today and set sail through time and beauty in Gdansk, a city where the past and present merge seamlessly on the waves of the Baltic Sea.


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