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50 £

You will shoot 3 different guns and use 27 bullets at the top-rated gun shooting range in Warsaw!


Enjoy the best Polish food at the local resturant. You will get a sour soup Żurek (our favorite!) then a Pierogi (dumpings) Dinner and along with that we will give you a pint of local beer!


A nightlife experience where local guides take you on a journey through the best bars and clubs the city has to offer! Join our party tour, explore the most vibrant spots while meeting people from all over the world.




115 £

We will take you with our private vans to a gorgeous location 45 minutes away from the Warsaw center. In there you will start off with the 30 minutes of Quad fun, then you’ll jump right into the Paintball action with 200 bullets per person. After the activity, all of you will enjoy the barbecue with sausages, pork and 2 beers per person.


A must-do on a stag in Warsaw. You can go wrong if you have a limo and a beautiful babe on board. Enjoy a bottle of bubbly during the 1 hour ride 😉


A nightlife experience where local guides take you on a journey through the best bars and clubs the city has to offer! Join our party tour, explore the most vibrant spots while meeting people from all over the world.




179 £

Special place for special stag. Not everyone can afford to party in style but you boys will for sure remember this weekend as the most memorable stag do in a lifetime.


What an entrance to a great weekend it will be to surprise the lads with a stripper on board of the luxurious limousine that will take some time to go around Warsaw and then drop you off at your premium accommodation


Our local female guide will take you to few local bars and show you some hidden gems. After all we are based in Warsaw and you want to trust the local tour operator. On the way you will play drinking games and do crazy challenges which will make the night even cooler. At the end you will get a free club entry and party until the morning.


A must-do on a stag in Warsaw. You will be shooting some oldschool WW2 guns and having fun with lads. Additionally we’ll take care of the round-trip transfers for your convenience.


One of our favourite polish restaurants located in the very center of Warsaw will host you & your mates serving 2-course dinner with a polish craft beer. Best start of the stag night in Warsaw


That will be hell of a night in Warsaw. Type of a city game for crazy bachelor party, there will be alcohol, girls and unexpected things happening. During the experience you will get to be introduced to the world of Polish vodka. You can’t miss this one!


You will get relaxed knowing that after weekend full of fun there will be a comfortable transport waiting for you outside your accommodation. After all you don’t want to worry about coming back home when you’re hungovered.



Cheap Destination

Warsaw will definitely not hurt your wallet as conversion from both Euro as well as British pound is amazing. You can get a pint for as little as 0,8p and taxis from nightclubs back to the hotel won’t cost you more than 5£

Polish Food is Delicious

If you want to try traditional Polish cuisine, stop counting your calories. Typical meals are very hearty and often contain a lot of meat. Just sampling them is enough to discover that they are really delicious and worth putting on a few ounces.

Free City Internet

The city of Warsaw provided both tourists and locals with plenty of hot-spots spread around town which is making it easier more than ever to stay in touch with your buddies when someone is lost. No need to register 😉

Interesting facts about Warsaw

    • 1The symbol of Warsaw is a mermaid and there is plenty of them spread around the town. According to legend, a fisherman freed Warsaw’s mermaid from a rich merchant and she then declared her readiness to protect the city and its residents.
    • 2Nice parks, green squares and gardens make up almost a quarter of Warsaw’s total area. Fans of classical music will enjoy the Chopin concerts on Sunday afternoons in Łazienki park. Good idea for a hungovered Sunday after stag night.
  • 3The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw was a gift of the Soviet dictator Stalin to the Polish nation. At 237 metres tall, it’s the tallest building in Poland, and at 165 metres, the clock tower is considered to be the tallest in Europe.

Trying to say anything in Polish language can be a real pain in the ass, taking into account pronunciation and the fact that consonants are trashed-compacted together it is a huge challenge to try to say anything in this “considered to be” the hardest language in the world. Below you can find couple of key phrases. When tried to be applied in a day to day activities and engaging with Poles, they might just love your effort. If you would like to make a fun stag activity out of learning polish, while blind tasting local vodka, go ahead and book our Intro to Polish language.

English Polish Phonetic
Hi Hej Hey
What’s up? Jak leci? Yah-k l-eh-chee?
Thanks! Dzięki! Jen-kee
Two beers please Dwa piwa, proszę Dvah peeva pro-sheh
Cheers! Bless you! Na zdrowie! Nah zdroh-vee-eh
I am wasted Jestem spizgany Yeh-stehm speezghan-eh
Let’s party! Impreza! Yim-preh-zah!

Even though you can easily find affordable places to drink booze and enjoy sipping beers way cheaper than in your homeland there is one rule you have to obey to if you want to get the most out of your trip. This has to do with drinking in public. You can’t walk with alcohol in the streets as it is illegal and local police can be pain in the ass if they will catch on doing it. So lads, enjoy the bars interiors, feel free to spend as much time as you can in the beer gardens of various pubs but remember not to wander around with a bootle of beer or vodka if you don’t want to have problems and waste this precious travel time on BS.
Delicious Polish food! Our cuisine evolved over the centuries to become very eclectic due to our country’s history. It shares a lot of similarities with other Slavic countries, especially Czech, Slovak, and Ukrainian cuisines. We need say it is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef, winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish called Bigos), and herbs. One of the most famous polish dishes you probably know about are Pierogi – ravioli looking dumplings with different kind of feelings that can be both vegetarian or meat ones. If you want to have a good quality Pierogi experience you should book for you and your mates one of our evening restaurant deals. Polish cuisine is also characteristic in its use of various kinds of noodles the most notable of which are Kluski as well as cereals such as Kasza.

What our customers say

These are few of TripAdvisor reviews from customers who became our friends.

Mike, England

Perfectly organized trip! Thanks to Kamil we had an amazing time, everything went smooth and the only thing that was bad after the stag do in Warsaw was that we lost our friend – he’s already married!

Keesjan, Netherlands

Those are great activities to get to know Warsaw and surrounding area. Organizers are doing awesome job, are really nice and real party people. If you want to party in Warsaw you definitely need to do this!

Simon, Sweden

Besides the awesome pubcrawl, I had email contact with them through the whole weekend too, they made sure we had the best possible time in Warsaw!

Ryan, London

Last weekend myself and my group had a great time in Warsaw, everyone was impressed at the level of organisation and it was all thanks to Kamil and XperiencePoland!

Kamil was there to answer any questions, give advice and tailor a weekend package specifically for my group, also very patient with me over the lengthy time i took to decide on and book a package!

Everything over the weekend trip went very smoothly, from the airport pickup through to the day time events, guided nightlife and airport drop-off, not once over the weekend did I have to call XperiencePoland for anything.

The guides and restaurants used were faultless and without doubt would use this company again!

Johannes, Germany

It was a fantastic evening with Monica and Joanna – We were a group of 14 man for my bachelor party and the two girls were just great 🙂 The Wodka tasting is amazing…we went to the best bars in town….Joanna and Monica were intellgent, cute ans just amazing – they organziced everything perfectly and had enough time to make a great party with us 🙂 I xan recommand the 2 for all kind of group which want to experience the best of Warsow 🙂

Chris S, Netherlands

Our wonderful hosts Kasia and Klaudia arranged a picnic bbq down by the Vistula for our group of 11 guys. We made a fire and grilled kielbasa and ate it with beer and vodka shots (chased by pickles in typical Polish fashion! — not my favorite, but fun to try!) Their friend Sebastien came with his guitar and sang a variety of songs to us as we became more and more inebriated. There are hundreds of people down by the river, so we quickly became friends with some of the other groups as well. It was one of the highlights of our weekend in Warsaw. Highly recommended.

Tom, United Kingdom

Amazing night all the staff were fun, lively and extremely helpful! Even before we got to Poland Kamil was more than happy to help, giving advice and support when needed, what ever time of day.

Flemming, Denmark

We had an awesome time which exceeded our expectations by far! As others wrote Kamil planned everything for us.

We had Julija as our guide for the Pubcrawl. She showed us some great places and stayed with us for a long time. Very open minded and the first one on the dancefloor 🙂 Great company!

Besides the Pubcrawl Kamil arranged some other activities for us as well. He helped us arrange some quadbiking, flyboards and a shooting range. Even the transportation as well!
Another plesent surprice was the price. The transportation Kamil helped us with was cheaper than a cab! And the activities was cheap and very well planned as well.

Before we travelled they sent us a detailed plan and when we arrived Kamil called to make sure everything was as expected. Before every activity we received a text as well..

Louis, United Kingdom

Long weekend to Warsaw for a couple of English lads, we were lucky enough to find out and join the Pubcrawl under the mighty leadership of Adam. The crawl itself was exactly what you would want when in a new vibrant city; we were shown around some of the best bars. Adam did an impressive job of promoting the crawl, keeping everyone together and of course getting people as twisted as they wish to be.

Daniel G, Stuttgart

We went on a stag weekend in Warsaw and relied on Xperience Poland for our activities on Saturday night. It was a great choice and a trip we will not forget.

Before getting there, I had a lot of contact with their office as we were discussing the perfect plan for this very special trip. We decided on a vodka tasting and after that a very special pub crawl that involved several challenges that would lead us to a hidden stretch limo…

On Saturday evening, we were greeted by our two guides Monika and Joanna at LOKO bar. The vodka tasting was fun and interesting and we learned a lot about the Polish vodka tradition. The two girls made it very entertaining and we really tasted the differences between the different styles of vodka.

The pub crawl was awesome, with lots of cool places and funny challenges that got us in contact with the locals (I won’t reveal too much). I was a bit sceptical if they would get us (a group of 15 guys), into the cool bars, but it was no problem at all. We saw many great places and got a really good taste of Warsaw by night. Monika and Joanna were so fun and easy, they made our evening and our whole trip very special. By the end of the tour, we felt like friends.

I can recommend those two and the ‘Xperience Poland’ team to everybody who wants to have a fun night out in Warsaw. We already decided to come back again next year and go for another round with our lovely guides.

Kenny D, England

Had a great evening, and Mateusz was an excellent guide and a very sympathetic guy ! When you got to Warsaw to party or on a bachelor weekend (like we did) this is a great activity to get to know the city, its people and the pubs.
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