Nowy Świat, Warszawa, Polska
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Two suitably dressed actors will knock on your door and carry out the whole action. Earlier we set the scenario so the action will be very credible. Mystery and trying your best poker face when they are arresting your friend makes the experience unforgettable and gives you a bunch of memories to laugh after!

We will carry out the following scenario:
During your chill out time at the pub, 2 ‘policemen’ get inside the venue. They make everyone from your group stand against the wall flashing with badges. Anti-drug department came, they were informed about the case and now will be frisking everybody… oddly enough, they find a bag of white powder in the pocket of a bachelor’s pants. The boy is bleeding with fear, handcuffs, polonaise and on command!

Yes, yes … everything is correct only that you are not going to be taken to the polonez car (which was a famous polish police car) but you will be taken for a polish vodka “”polonaise”” 😉 instead of going to the police station you will go to another bar for a shot 😉

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What does the Stag Arrest prank in Warsaw include?

  • Professionellt scenario genomförs på ett trovärdigt sätt
  • The search, the handcuffs of the groom & handcuffs of another person
  • Arrestering av brudgummen och en annan person (flexibelt alternativ)
  • Transport med en speciellt vald, omärkt bil till den valda platsen (t.ex. klubb)
  • VIP club passes to our partner club (free add-on during evenings)


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* Pris per gripande (brudgummen och ytterligare en gäst). Transfer i en annan bil för fler gäster kan begäras i nästa steg i bokningen




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