These are few of TripAdvisor reviews from customers who became our friends.

Christian Trißl

We visited Warsaw this week in a group of friends – and wanted to see the nightlife through the eyes of a local! On Monday evening we met with Kamil (our tour guide) and were really surprised, that we (five people) were the only one to join the tour – ok, it was Monday 😉

But it was a pleasure to hang out with Kamil, who showed us some great pubs and bars and even some interesting drinking games.

As a last stop we should go into a club, but it was very empty, so Kamil showed us a nice bar with a dance floor – and this bar was an absolute winner (Kamil – you should go there every time!). It was crowded (remember – it was Monday!) and the dance floor was full of people in fantastic party mood. We stayed there till 4 o`clock in the morning and danced the night away. Not everyone of our group remembered everything from the way back home.
An absolutely right decision if you want to have a great party night!

Kenny Deport

Had a great evening, and Mateusz was an excellent guide and a very sympathetic guy ! When you got to Warsaw to party or on a bachelor weekend (like we did) this is a great activity to get to know the city, its people and the pubs.

Frank Casey

Sophie the guide was lovely and made sure to include everyone in the activities. Very friendly and helpful. The activity is great value for money too!

Rikke Grytemark, Norway

We loooved the hummer ride!!! It was so much fun. The only thing we regret was that we did not ordered more bottles of sparkling wine The driver was on time and very nice, the hummer looked so cool – so all in all, just fantastic!

Maria Teixeira, Portugal

We loved the trip to Auschwitz from Warsaw. Krakow is very beautiful. Everything on time (except the train on the way back, but that was not your fault !!!). The guides were wonderful. We recommend your services to everyone.

Liam, United Kingdom

The party bus ride was brilliant everyone loved it, and the transfer back to the airport was fine the driver was really helpful in finding us. We got there in good time. The pub crawl was a bit mental as we had been out drinking since 2pm that day but it was brilliant, It was a good way to find out where all the good bars/clubs were. I will recommend you guys to anyone going to Warsaw!

Andre Birgis, Sweden

Thank you for having us! We had a great trip and Poland is definitely on the map for future adventures. We are very happy with your services, and from the event planning firms we have tried so far, we do think you are the best so far! We will review on the pages you wrote shortly! Thank you and say thanks to the rest of the team as well!

Jacqueline, California, USA

Thank you so much for hosting us. We had an unforgettable time! Well worth visiting Krakow as well as the Salt Mines in Wieliczka.

Tom Vanbelle

The tour with the limousine was splendid. We visited one bar to drink and after that 2 clubs to dance and drink. The personal guide Julija was very helpful. She showed and told us what happened in Warsaw. Clever girl! Kamil organised it well and helped us with other things to make our stay comfortable.

Roft Acero

One of our best experiences in Warsaw. Definitely one of the things you need to try if you want to learn about Warsaw and it’s people. The tour guides were very cool, hospitable and accomodating.

Johanna Knudsen

For our weekend getaway in Warsaw, the limo tour was great fun for the nine of us. We were picked up by a self picked restaurant and taken to a club we discussed with the company beforehand. The Limo Party Tour representative was really helpful, quick at responding and gave good recommendations.

Ryan Coxon

Last weekend myself and my group had a great time in Warsaw, everyone was impressed at the level of organisation and it was all thanks to Kamil and XperiencePoland!

Kamil was there to answer any questions, give advice and tailor a weekend package specifically for my group, also very patient with me over the lengthy time i took to decide on and book a package! Everything over the weekend trip went very smoothly, from the airport pickup through to the day time events, guided nightlife and airport drop-off, not once over the weekend did I have to call XperiencePoland for anything. The guides and restaurants used were faultless and without doubt would use this company again!

Samia, Phillipines

The trip was totally worth it. Thanks for all the instructions you have provided. We enjoyed the trip and will bring a lot of great memories of Krakow. I’ll send my review in TripAdvisor.

Adriana, Israel

The tour was great, everything went well… Sure it is pretty intense but we think everybody must see Auschwitz once, and that is the message for the world: we’ve been there and we will always remember what happened…. may be never happen again…. We are definitely going to recommend the tour to our friends and we will write about it in TripAdvisor. I’m sorry before the tour I bothered you with too many questions but thank you much for answering any doubt. We liked everything about the tour, the guide in Auschwitz was a lady that took as around the place and was extraordinary, explained everything with kindness and knowledge in the most sensitive way…. In Krakow we joined the tour and the guide was a guy who knew a lot and we spend with him 2,5 fantastic hours . The train to Krakow was OK. But, as I said we enjoyed the whole tour very much, and we will always remember our visit. Thanks for all!

Linn Elise, Sweden

We really loved it!! Great car! Nice driver, good drinks! We are so impressed and glad we did this! All in all we are so happy and exited after the limo drive?
We will absolutely recommend you to everyone we know is going to Poland and Gdansk? Thank you for a great moment!

Patrick, Germany

It was excellent and had a very good time and both tour guides brilliant. Would totally recommend Vodka Tasting to anyone coming to Warsaw!

Koen, Netherlands

Everybody liked it from beginning to end!
Many thanks for being there for us in the middle of the night, always having an answer to our questions and contributing to a weekend we won’t forget! Kind regards and see you later;)

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      Posted by Adam Potts| 2018-04-29 |

      We had a party bus booked through X-Poland, which was completely as expected, meaning it was amazing. Well worth the money. The driver was also very nice and friendly, despite the language barrier. I’ve since been in touch with the one that made my experience a hell of alot better, kamil kopylowski, I won’t go into details but he ended up saving me a hell of alot of stress, time and money. I couldn’t recommend him more highly. Great company and great guy!

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