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Thomas J
Great Vodka Tasting Had a fantastic time with Simon at the Warsaw vodka tasting. We learned a lot about vodka and it was great to try all the different types! In total, we tried 8 vodkas at 3 different locations. Also had food at each of the places.
Manuela J
Pubcrawl with przemek Best pubcrawl with Guide Przemek, amazing time spend here in Poland for sure will be back here with friends!
Sylvia Gottschalk
Great fun. Unique experience It was fun. A taxi picked me up at my hotel and drove me back. The shooting range was on an industrial estate, a bit difficult to find. The instructor was very nice, and patient. I liked the firearm variety.
Haukur H
Shooting Experience Had much fun firing, it was our first time. Adrenaline was pumping and did pretty well. Range master was good and helpful with showing us the ropes. Would have wanted to fire more rounds, 20 bullets were quickly expended. Would have liked to fire more, favourite guns were ar 15 and glock.…
Chris C
Vodka tasting Once again a great experience with our expert vodka taster/guide Monica, we got the backstory of each brand and learned the different ways in which you identify the various types of vodka.
Eddie C
Vodka tasting The vodka tasting experience was very cool. You could tell that the guide we had, Monika, knew what she was talking about and she made the experience very fun!
Good Really fun, well organized and nice instructors. Had a good experience. With a driver included it made it so easy
Julio F
Great fun They take care of everything including hotel transfers. Such an experience to be able to shoot an AK47. Highly recommended.
Pelin In
Perfect! Partymusic in the limo, nice driver, nice vibes, good to be able to choose music- would be better if they had YouTube premium
5 star If you want a fun evening in Gdansk, this is the tour to go! You will learn alot about vodka and of course drink it too! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Activity
  • Flexible start
  • Private Group


In order to escape the room, you need to complete your mission. You have only one hour to win or to lose. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in time! Otherwise, you will be trapped inside forever!

During this engaging and challenging game team members truly live and breathe together for an hour. Due to the fact that you and your team have 60 minutes to find clues and solve puzzles, it’s essential to use critical thinking skills and teamwork in order to escape.

It soon becomes clear that each player has unique skills and it is a matter of a mindful division of tasks to be able to work independently and simultaneously on various challenges. Take the challenge and enter the room!

What’s included?

  • English instructions at the beginning
  • Personal lockers for your belongings
  • Access to the seating area
  • Solving a mystery in one of the adventures available (medium level)
  • Starting Point

    Hotel pick-up (additional service); or
    In the location of the activity in Wroclaw

    * The best experience is guaranteed for teams of 2-5 participants
    ** Price is per group

  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Solve the mystery of Sherlock Holmes’ abduction. In order to help him and escape the room, find all the clues hidden by Sherlock himself in his office.

  • Wonderland
  • Use all of your senses to outsmart this enchanted world. Touch, smell and listen and maybe (but only maybe…) you will be able to get out in time.

  • Death Penalty 
  • The Master of Death is coming for you. There’s only one hope in avoiding death – find all the keys hidden in the cell. You’re lucky the watchman pitied you. If you fail, I’d hate to be you…

  • Psychiatric Ward
  • You psychiatric patients all say you’re sane and that someone framed you. Well maybe you’re right, but nobody is going to believe you. Your only chance for freedom is to escape the hospital before the doctor comes back. 

  • Penitentiary 
  • You’re in a prison cell and you’re innocent. For months you’ve been working on an escape plan. Beware of the guard who is right next door. This is your night, it’s now or never. To freedom! 

  • The Mystery of the Forest Book
  • This Forest hides secrets and mysteries. Without the Forest Book, the getaway is impossible. Find it or you will become a part of this forest forever… 

  • HexIT (for programmers – basic skills)
  • This is no ordinary mystery. The world is on the edge of World War III. The only hope is in a computer virus and the salvation is in programmers. Will you be able to prevent nuclear war in 90min?

    • Subject to availability. We can’t guarantee you will play at the preferred time if you book last minute
    • The rooms are recommended for participants over 12 years old

    Traveller Style

    Family & Friends


    60 minutes


    All year
    Mon - Fri 12pm - 10pm (Upon request)
    Sat - Sun 10am - 11pm (Upon request)