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Wrocław, Poland
per person 32 
  • Activity
  • Flexible start
  • Learning

Gun Shooting activity for a company event in Wroclaw
Shooting a gun on a shooting range in Breslau
Gun Shooting in Wroclaw
Girls Shooting a gun on a hen party in Wroclaw
Gun shooting is a great activity for a group fun in Wroclaw


If you have always wanted to try shooting with a real firearm or if you are just looking for a new kind of entertainment, do not wait. You do not need any permission! Our shooting range is accessible to everyone. You can come alone or with a group of friends and acquaintances, with your family and even your boss! Professional service is provided for your safety and there is a wide range of selected weapons.

All of these will get you an unforgettable adventure.

What’s included?

  • Access to the guns
  • Bullets
  • Equipment Rental
  • Discussing the usage of the weapon
  • Rules of safe handling of weapons
  • Overview of shootings
  • Most important elements in the shooting
  • Shields, stickers

Shooting Packages

Upgrade your xperience in the next step of your booking – additional services session.

Simple Gun Shooting (30 shots)
32 EUR
10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets PM Scorpion Evo3
10 bullets AK47 Kalashnikov
Upgraded Gun Shooting (60 shots)
52 EUR
10 bullets CZ KADET.22lr sport
10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets MP-446 Viking
10 bullets M4 (assault rifle)
10 bullets PM-98 (submachine gun)
10 bullets AK47/mini Beryl (assault rifle)
Rambo Gun Shooting (75 shots)
65 EUR
5 bullets Colt 1911 (pistol)
10 bullets CZ KADET.22lr sport
10 bullets P99 (pistol)

10 bullets Glock 17 (pistol)
10 bullets SIG SAUER 320 (pistol)
10 bullets Glauberyt PM-98 (submachine gun)
10 bullets M4 (assault rifle)
10 bullets AK47 (assault rifle)
Customized Package Create your own package according to your preferences

Starting Point

Hotel pick-up (additional service); or
In the location of the activity in Wroclaw

* A minimum of 4 people per booking is required. For smaller groups, an additional fee of 5 EUR/person is charged

  • Margolin / Sportowe | Glock 17 | Walther P99 | HK P30L | TT-33 | P-38 | WALTHER PP | VIS WZ 35 | M4 | Glauberyt PM-84 | AK47 | Mini Beryl | SVT | RAK PM-63 | GARAND M1 | LEE ENFIELD MK 4 | LEE ENFIELD MK 3 | MAUSER 98K | MOSIN | 0CZ SP-01 Shadow | MP-446 Viking | AKS-74U | FN Fal | Shotgun semi | XDM 5,25 | Desert Eagle 44MAGNUM | Colt Python 357magnum | PPSH41 | MP40 | MP5A3
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • All participants need to bring ID (passport, driving license, residence card), which is an official document with a photo
  • Be there 15 minutes prior to the starting time of the activity
  • For safety reasons, clients won’t be able to shoot and won’t get a refund in case of them failing to comply with the rules and regulations of the shooting range or if they are under the influence of alcohol/narcotic drugs. Their ammunition will be able to be fired by their colleagues who will be allowed to shoot.

Traveller Style

Adrenaline Adventurer


30 min – 1 hour


All year
Tue - Fri 16.00 - 20.00
Sat - Sun 12.00 - 18.00
Mon Closed