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Smolna 36, Warszawa, Poland
per person 32 
  • Eat & Drink
  • Alcohol Included
  • Local Culture
  • Local Guide

Bachelor party at our vodka tasting tour in Warsaw
Have you had a bruderschaft in Poland on a tour around bars in Warsaw?
Try out the selection of the best polish vodka shots on our vodka tasting tour in Warsaw
You can't leave Poland without trying out the purest form of vodka on our vodka tasting tour in Warsaw, Poland
Girls having a shot in Warsaw  on a tour around the best famous shot bars


Want to have the ultimate local experience in Warsaw? Join our Vodka Tasting Tour and discover the wonderful world of Polish vodka!

We are going to take you on an evening experience around famous shot bars as these venues (being very popular among locals) bring people together over small glasses of strong alcohol, which inevitably leads to profound conversation. These days Warsaw’s shot bar scene is flourishing, much like it did back in the 70s and 80s during communism.

Our local guide will show you three local bars for vodka shots in the city and share insider stories about how life used to be back in the days. Your local friend will introduce you to the interesting world of Polish vodkas with a chance to try out 8 of the best types from our curated selection. Along with your beverage, you will get to try 2 different food pairings that we Poles fill our stomachs with while enjoying our beloved alcohol.

Don’t forget to add our Vodka Tasting Tour to your list of things to do in the Polish capital!

If you have a shorter time available, check our short vodka tasting, the vodka experience.

What’s included?

  • Fun & friendly local Vodka Expert
  • 8 classic & traditional vodka shots at 3 different cool bars
  • 2-3 types of Polish food bites great to accompany with vodka
  • Great introduction to the history of vodka, it beginnings and production process
  • A deeper understanding of the drinking culture in Poland
  • Interesting stories from the communist times
  • Fun facts and great memories to keep

Starting Point

LOKO bar / Smolna 36 St.

* Regular Tours run every Wednesday and Saturday at 6 pm
* Private tours are available every day (check prices in the price list below)

 2 – 3 people (Private)  € 49 per person
 4 – 8 people (Private)  € 39 per person
 9+ or Regular group  € 32 per person
This insightful tour gives you the chance to taste 8 types of Polish vodkas with 2-3 different food pairings at 3 local bars. You will get to know ins and outs of the proper vodka tasting and also learn about the history of the country’s preferred beverage. Our Local Expert will keep you entertained with the stories from the communist times in Poland.
  • Minimum drinking age is 18
  • Regular price is 35 EUR. Book online to save 3 EUR!!
  • Additional Drinks (available for purchase)
  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off

Traveller Style



2,5 hours


All year
Wed & Sat At 18.00 (Regular Tours)
Everyday Flexible - 14.00 - 18.30 (Private groups)