Free entrance to the club with Pub Crawl Krakow


The local Pub Crawl in Krakow begins with a seemingly innocent brightly colored wristband which is your ticket to the vodka train. At the start, you can expect the famous 1 hour of the real Unlimited Drinks (trust us – they are really Unlimited!), and you can consider it the Rocket Fuel for the fun […]

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Ultimate Pub Crawl Gdansk experience is waiting for your and your friends!


Looking for a great night out? Want to meet other people and party together? Pub Crawl Gdansk is an absolute must-do while in the north of Poland! It is the only regularly organized party tour in 3city. Our local guides will show you the best bars & clubs in this part of Poland where you […]

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Hot dancer is your win if you will succed to finish the Limo Quest ;)


Explore this funky city during our legendary Stag Limo Quest City Game. Unlock free drinks and shots in the coolest venues on your way to rescue the hot babe – and let her thank you with a sexy dance in a limo. And then… PARTY ALL NIGHT in a VIP club in Mazowiecka Street!!!! What […]

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Paintball is a cool way to spend a bachelor weekend at in Warsaw


You will be taken to the paintball old-fashioned hall where you will be given masks, uniforms and a gun with 300 bullets to use during different game scenarios. Animators will be there to train you and make the game more exciting. There is no time limit so your group will play until the bullets are […]

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Man stading with a gun for a gun shooting activity in warsaw


Get ready to shoot firearms that were some of the most common weapons available in the second half of the twentieth century. We don’t mean any replicas but the really heavy, fat guns like the famous old-communist soviet AK47 Kalashnikov, movies famous Glock, Colt 1911 or even machine gun Glauberyt. All of the above are […]

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Modlin Airport transfer is an easy way to get the group of people from the aiirport to the city center of Warsaw


Don’t worry about your arrival to Modlin Airport which is located 40 km away from Warsaw center. Enjoy an easy and comfortable private transfer straight to your accommodation. Not only you will get to Warsaw easily but we will make sure your arrival to the airport will be smooth! What’s included in the Modlin Airport […]

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Enjoy easy transportation from Warsaw Modlin airport to the city center


Don’t worry about your first hours spent in Warsaw. Enjoy the easy to find private transfer straight to your accommodation. Your group enjoy the comfortable and hassle-free access to our private van that will let you go from Warsaw Chopin Airport to your destination with calm. Not only you will get to Warsaw easily, but […]

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Our nightlife experience is not only about cool places we visit but also about our lovely guides that make your time in Warsaw outstanding! Trust the locals and enjoy the best nightlife spots in the city with our Pub Crawl, whether it’s a weekend or a weekday! We have been running those amazing tours since […]

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