Hop on a Segway and get to know all the stories and places behind Wrocław! Explore the Old Town with charming narrow alleys and skyscraping churches while gliding around the fountains! There are over 100 little stone dwarves located all around the city – will you take a challenge and find at least some of […]

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Gdańsk is an upcoming city in the north of Poland which is visited every year by more and more international travelers. The proximity of water and beach makes it uniquely special for those expecting to enjoy holidays in the sun. The Old Town of Gdansk is a magical and nearby area is famous for being […]

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Join the movement of the axe throwing enthusiasts! This original way of spending time became a true hit in North America and it’s already happening in Poland. We want to bring this ancient form of entertainment back to its heyday and the only one who can help us with making that happen is you! You […]

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Discover a new way of sightseeing. Take part in this exciting 2-hour game where your goal will be to find as many dwarves as possible. All 300 of them hidden everywhere around Wrocław. There will be some rules, but can you catch them all? 🙂 Your local friend will meet you in the centrally located […]

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Book a spot with your friends at cable wakeboarding in Wroclaw


Wakeboard is a young sports discipline that conquers the world and gains popularity in Europe each day more. Wake is extreme and, at the same time, easy to learn. Try to keep the balance flowing on a wakeboard pulled on the water on a special lift or use the rope and tension to perform spectacular […]

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Amphibian Drive Cover in Warsaw


If you are a military technology and moto fan, you will not pass by this amphibian indifferently. This extreme military vehicle allows you to go through every surface without hesitation. Amphibian was specially adapted to snow, mud and very difficult ground and there is no barrier for our hero in Poland’s reality. You will have […]

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2 people in the vertical windtunnel warsaw


The man had always dreamt about flying. From ancient times, or maybe even earlier, there were legends about human beings who could fly! It is worthy to mention, that consequences regularly were fatal… Fortunately, there are inventions which let people get into the sky and fly like the bird. Parachuting, bungee jumping, skydiving – each […]

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Girls Shooting a gun on a hen party in Wroclaw


If you have always wanted to try shooting with a real firearm or if you are just looking for a new kind of entertainment, do not wait. You do not need any permit! Our indoor shooting range is accessible to all, from a family trip to a stag group.  Professional service is provided for your […]

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Segway Tour in Warsaw at Pilsudskiego Square


Krakow is a beautiful town with amazing architecture and impressive history. This magical city has always attracted a massive number of tourists. No wonder, there is always something to see. If it’s your first visit or if you’ve been here before, you can always get to know new facts about its history, places and the […]

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Rafting Krakow is a great team sport, in which a group of people learns responsibility for one another thanks to shared experiences, the teamwork, and good old wet fun! Rafting on the specially prepared Mountain Kayaking track in Kraków is an extraordinarily exciting experience! The rough water achieving a flow of 15m/s is much more […]

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