Want to have the ultimate local experience in Warsaw? Join our Vodka Xperience and discover briefly what the different vodka styles are and see yourself which vodka do you love the most! Have you ever wondered how vodka is actually made and what different types of vodka represent? Maybe you haven’t been a fan? That’s […]

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Person happy about taking part in the group bubble football activity in Warsaw


Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football, Bumper Ball or whatever you want to call it… The game is simple, the rules are simple and the excitement is insanely full. Using an inflatable zorb-like bubble, you and your mates can smash into one another and find yourselves literally rolling away from the ball, bouncing around, laughing and making […]

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Most useful polish language expressions to be taught


Impress Polish people with a local slang! Introduce yourself and make small talk! Read menus and order food easily. Polish is the second most spoken Slavic language in the world. This fun and practical class will let you speak the basics, giving you the confidence to connect with Poland’s most beautiful attribute, its people. Part […]

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Have fun and enjoy your time during the evening Wisla boat tour in Warsaw


After many years of the city turning its back on the river, regular weekend cruises have been reinstated on Vistula River. This is the only wild river in all the European capital cities and it has many interesting stories to tell. This way your Warsaw tour can have a completely different and fresh character. During […]

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People learning cooking skills the polish way


Our Dumpling’s King is showing to our guests what Polish cuisine is all about. The Polish cooking class is a unique experience of cooking the most delicious and known Polish specialties. In our classes, you will get: Polish delicacies buffet, a short lesson of the Polish cuisine’s history, you will cook some of the traditional […]

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